Navigator: Intuition coaching pilot

Navigator:  Intuition coaching pilot

Piloting the development and delivery of a small suite of tools aimed at releasing or improving intuitive function.

We did it!

On 22nd Nov 2017 we successfully raised £913 with 30 supporters in 21 days

Welcome to my pilot project!

A popular definition of intuition is stated as the ability to know or understand something, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Quite a few of us, quite often in our lives, have a gut feeling or a persistent thought to do something, avoid something or act in a certain way.  Depending on whether we often follow such feelings or thoughts and direct our action and decision making accordingly, we have learned to trust our intuition (or not).  I first started learning the value of intuitive guidance, by simply denying its importance, on numerous occasions, only to later say: “I should have listened to my gut feeling”!!  It all became much easier and simpler when I accepted and allowed the use of intuition as one of the cognitive functions available to me, the others being critical thinking, feeling and sensing.  

Whether you are a natural intuitive in search of interesting, new approaches that assist intuitive flow, or would like to explore, improve and learn how to trust your intuitive function, the offered pledge rewards here are worth testing for yourself!

Pledge Rewards:

1.  I-Ching Reading:  I-Ching, or the Book of Changes, is the most ancient of Chinese Classic texts and highly regarded in terms of facilitating intuitive decision making.  In a way, equivalent to doing math exercises to keep your brain sharp!

You will receive your unique I-Ching oracle to test your intuitive understanding.  Format: 1-2 pages pdf file. 

2.  "My home":  “How do I know my intuition is right” is the wrong question.  Think of your intuition as your guest, brighten up your home before they arrive.  

A technique built on breathing relaxation and gratitude awareness, encouraging a sense of balance and positivity.  Ideal as a base for“My compass”, also doubles up as a stress-busting quick fix.  It is offered as a 15 minute skype session (or similar online/telephone, one2one), you will be contacted by email to book your slot as soon as your pledge is logged.

3.  "My compass":  Uncover your personal mantra to help navigate your next adventure.

A technique starting with breathing relaxation, engaging you on a discovery journey within, where you identify and build your own mantra.  A powerful tool, tailor-made for you, by you!  It is offered as a 35 minute skype session (or similar online/telephone, one2one), you will be contacted by email to book your slot, as soon as your pledge is logged.

4.  "My home" and "My compass" combo: It is offered as a 45 minute skype session (or similar online/telephone, one2one), joining pledge rewards 2 and 3 as described above.  You will be contacted by email to book your slot, as soon as your pledge is logged.

Why I need YOU:

Having developed a variety of  techniques and tools that I have been using over the past ten years to  assist with own challenges, decision making, stress management and  empowerment, I’ve felt inspired to share a couple of those with you (“My  home” and “My compass”) and evaluate various aspects, such as content, costing, delivery and impact, in terms of their suitability as intuition  coaching modules.  Completed feedback forms will be my evidence base  for the pilot evaluation.  Feedback forms will be sent to all who  pledged and received a reward, as part of their individual follow-up  package.  Moreover, all pilot coaching sessions will be included in my  coaching log, building up my practical experience towards a coaching  certification (coupled with suitable training).  

I have found  I-Ching to be quite insightful and have consulted it over the years. The  readings offered here will expand my knowledge and practical  application of the I-Ching philosophy, in order to be better equipped to complete an I-Ching course in the near future. 

Working on this  pilot crowdfunding campaign, and business planning for a potential  start-up, on a full-time basis, and not having any other source of  income at present, I aim to use all proceeds of the £2,000 goal to cover  own labour costs towards the completion of the following tasks:

1.  I-Ching database creation, individual oracles’ creation and e-mailing.

2.  Pilot coaching sessions (“My home” and “my compass”) delivery, follow-up and evaluation

3.  Business planning and market research

4.  Research on funding and fundraising options, marketing and promotion, networking

5.  Coaching and I-Ching training and accreditation

* Please send any questions, feedback, ideas, through the "Contact Project" tab

* Thank you * Thank you * Thank you *

Your active support is turning this humble dream into reality!

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