Empire LRP - Navarri Song And Story Seating

by Martyn Thomas in Stowe, England, United Kingdom

Empire LRP - Navarri Song And Story Seating


raised of £700 stretch target


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This project will only be funded if at least £340 is pledged by February 21st 2019 at 5:13pm

After our long walks along the Trods, we need somewhere to rest our tired feet. Let's brings some benches to Anvil.

by Martyn Thomas in Stowe, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

[----------->] Initial Goal £305 - Hit!

[---------->] Budget for 3 more 2m split-log benches (Del. E2) £135 - Hit!

[---------->] Wooden barrel bin £150 - Hit!

[---------->] Flags £102 - Hit!

[---------->] Misc (admin fees etc.) £8 - Hit!

Hello Friends

We all know that times can be hard out on the Trods each season, we all look forward to each Anvil Summit to meet friends, discuss issues and trade. To make our Summits easier on our tired feet, and more inviting for other nations to come and visit and experience our beautiful culture, the following improvements have been proposed:



A skilled Varushkan carpenter, Vasiliy Strascovich of the Vor'azi, has offered to make some split-log benches for the Song and Story Circle and deliver them to the Winter Summit.

If we reach our funding target, we will order three 2 metres and two 1 metre split log benches in hardy sweet chestnut.

The benches will be left on site between summits, removing the need to find storage. The Civil Service is happy for them to be left in place, but want to make us aware that they will be left at our own risk. 

Also, if Anvil relocates - we will need to transfer the benches ourselves (in which case there may be a future fundraiser to fund an Ox-cart to transport them to the new location) 

Song and Story Firewood


The Song and Story firepit give us such warmth and comfort during the colder summits. Let's make sure we can keep it burning for another year.


To help make the Song and Story circle more inviting at night, some extra fairy lighting will be added.  

To achieve this, we are seeking £340.

The target is made up of the following:

Lighting - £60

Wood - £65

Benches - £180

(Update - The buffer of £35 has removed the £35 been rolled into the stretch goals) 

Any unspent funds will be donated to a charity chosen by the donors.

Stretch Goals

We have been virtuous and beat the initial goal - Navarr show your pride this night!

The stretch goals are:

More Benches

An extra budget for 3 more 2 metre benches, these will be delivered at E2 (we will need to measure to see what fits once we have the initial benches in)


A barrel bin to keep the song and story fire pit tidy



Seven Flags (70cm x 50cm) for our key nation functions (Guides, Thorns, Vates, Brands, Brokers, Healers and Scouts) to help with way-pointing and make the forest look more inviting.

An example design is:

The Book of Faces have discussions about possible designs. 

Save Travels Friends!

Let's make 'Empire LRP - Navarri Song And Story Seating' happen