Natures Way Homestead - Veg Box & Farm fresh eggs

by Amy Kingston in Stowmarket, England, United Kingdom

Natures Way Homestead - Veg Box & Farm fresh eggs
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Our aim is to buy some land and using permaculture methods, grow food for the local community, help teach others how to grow their own.

by Amy Kingston in Stowmarket, England, United Kingdom


Firstly thank you so much for visiting my page! ???? I never thought I would be where I am now. I never ever thought I would be engaged to my best friend from university, for a start, and after finding out I was pregnant with our eldest, Aria, halfway through a master's degree, my life changed forever. We decided to home educate our family and move to Suffolk. Over the next 2 years we had 2 more beautiful babies, Ryver and Lupin, and decided that we wanted to pursue our dream, to start a homestead and grow fresh, organic produce for the local area. 

As we researched and learnt more about homestead life, we knew it was the route we wanted to take and over the months the plan came together. We want to buy some land, and using permaculture design and sustainable methods, not only grow our own food, but grow chemical free food for the local community in the form of veg boxes. In addition to this, I aim to complete my master herbalist diploma so that I can create herbal homemade products for a more eco friendly home and I also want to teach others how to grow their own in online courses. 

In summer 2019 we acquired 6 quail and began selling their eggs locally in addition to growing our own food on an allotment. As well as saving up every penny towards the land we so desperately need to start our homestead. Recently we came up with a name for our homestead 'Nature's Way Homestead'. It is still yet to be launched on social media but we are so excited to get started! 

For us this isn't just a business venture. This is our dream. Our passion. Our life. We just need a little help starting out! Even if you can just spare a penny we would be eternally grateful. We want to get started as soon as possible so that we can get growing and providing people with quality local grown food and teaching people all over the world how to grow their own food. 

So please come and join us on this journey, make a pledge and help us start this wonderful adventure! 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£250 or more

Online garden consultation & plan

My fiancé, is a professional horticulturalist and is absolutely fantastic at what he does. Get a free consultation with him to discuss your needs and a free design for an area of your choice up to 250 square meters.

£10 or more

Shout out on social media

Get a shout out on my social media channels. I have over 3000 followers in our wonderful community who would absolutely love to meet other supporters!

£20 or more

Free Homestead/Garden Planner

Grab a free homestead/garden Planner for the year. Perfect for our fellow green thumbed supporters! This will include plant trackers, seed inventory, income and expenses, all sorts of fantastic goodies!

£50 or more

Grow Your Own online consultation

Have a 1:1 chat with us to discuss how you can grow your own and take a more sustainable approach.

£100 or more

Grow Your Own Course

Learn how to grow your own food in a sustainable manner and get the most from your growing space. Includes tutorials, live sessions and video lessons.

£500 or more

A dedicated tree & monthly 1:1

Get a fruit tree of your choice planted on our land with a special plaque dedicated to you. You will be welcome to visit it any time and see how your pledge helped our project. You will also receive monthly 1:1 chat sessions for support and advice.

£1,000 or more

Unlimited 1:1 chats for support & advice

For this most generous pledge, we will provide unlimited support, advice, live sessions and tutoring.

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