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Do you remember when you fell in love with nature?

For many of us our love of nature was kindled in childhood. Today 50% of our children no longer play in the wild and 56% of our wildlife is under threat.

Sadly, the opportunity to fall in love with nature through regular play, outdoors in the wild, is now rare. In fact, fewer than 50% of children now experience outdoor play on a regular basis. That’s 6 million children in the UK who are growing up without confidence or curiosity in their natural world. They don't know nature.

No one will protect what they don’t care about. And no one will care about what they have never experienced.” 

David Attenborough

At Avon Wildlife Trust we know our local wildlife is special, and every year we help thousands of children get to know their local natural world. 

They get so excited when they find something – they run up to you and hop from foot to foot waiting to hear the answer. Some of the older children use the bug sheets to try and work it out – they like to come and show you what they’ve found – how they’ve been a good nature detective all by themselves!”

Nicole – People & Wildlife Officer

There is so much to fall in love with here in Avon. Ancient woodland carpeted with bluebells and wild garlic in the spring. Rare chalk grassland and wildflower meadows buzzing with bees and butterflies in the summer. Urban wildlife sites laden with autumn fruits. Rivers and wetlands where otters play and our estuarine coast that hosts so much over wintering birdlife.

The future for our wildlife is uncertain

Our local wildlife has never been under greater threat - Avon is the fastest growing region in the UK. In the coming years over 100,000 new houses are proposed to be built, along with the roads, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure needed to support this growth in population. The wild places we love are hugely vulnerable to this concrete expansion.

We protect wildlife and help inspire a love of nature in the people of Avon, so that they too can love and care for it.

In autumn we sow wildflower seeds to grow native plants that can help next year’s pollinators. We host family fun days so that children and parents can enjoy and learn about the nature around them. In winter , along with our volunteers, we repair hedgerows that can help dormice and hedgehogs. In spring we take schools pond dipping so that they can watch out for frogspawn and hatching dragon flies skimming across the water’s surface. In summer we prune, mow and nurture the blossoming wildflower meadows and take people on walks across our reserves, to point out the butterflies, birds and bees that make their homes here.

We need your help

We protect individual species, the wild places they call their homes and we inspire people to take action for nature.

You can help us protect hedgehogs, barn owls, dormice, lapwings and bees. You can help us restore wildflower meadows, native hedgerows and wetlands. You can help people get up close and personal with nature - help us show them there is so much to love.

  • A gift of £15 could help provide a nesting box for a pair of swifts (their numbers have declined by 40%)
  • A gift of £45 could help us care for one of our nature reserves for a day, to provide homes for dormice, hedgehogs and barn owls (we look after over 30 nature reserves covering over 1,100 hectares).
  • A gift of £120 could fund a wild play session to help children and families develop curiosity and confidence in their natural world.
  • With a gift of £250 we could spend a day educating our local decision makers about how we can protect nature and wildlife for the future.
  • A gift of £500 could help a team of volunteers restore diverse native hedgerows for the wildlife we love.
  • A gift of £600 could help fund a Grow Leader placement for one person to help guide and teach communities how to care for their local wildlife.

With your help we can give nature a louder voice. We can protect more of the unique landscapes and special wild places that you love. And we can help more people get to know the wonderful wildlife here on our doorstep.

Together, we can ensure there is a future for nature, now.  

Make sure the wildlife we love is there to be enjoyed and loved by everyone, for now and for years to come - make a donation today.




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