Nature aquariums for a local nursing home

by Colin Quilliam in 

Nature aquariums for a local nursing home
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To provide 3 nature aquariums to a local nursing home for patients with a wide range of brain disorders and other disabilities.

by Colin Quilliam in

My partners father was forced into a nursing home 7yrs ago following a massive brain hemorage. He can no longer walk and has a very short memory span. There are lots of patients there with similar problems including dementia and altzeimers. I see many of them just sat infront of the tv or in their rooms with no interaction and I think it could be better for them. 

I have been an aquascaper by hobby for the last 10yrs now designing and setting up nature aquariums (natural habitats) for myself, friends and local shops. Because an aquarium is a living and constantly moving picture, it has been proven to help people with brain conditions as it stimulates them. 

My hope is to provide 3 aquariums to the home, one in each of their 3 communal rooms. The vision is to create somewhere patients can sit, enjoy, relax and maybe interact with each other in a peaceful place.

The money will hopefully fund the 3 aquariums, filters and decor and lastly the fish. I will be donating my spare time to set them all up and maintain them in the future. 

I am not expecting to hit the target figure but any help with my project would be wonderful. I have never used these sites before but from what i have read so far it is a brilliant way to help others. 

If you can donate something, no matter how much then i thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart. 


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