Natural Weight Loss Skin Removal Surgery

by corinna young in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

Natural Weight Loss Skin Removal Surgery
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To raise as much as possible towards my skin removal surgery after losing 11 stone in weight, and now currently maintaining.

by corinna young in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

Due to my illnesses, Myasthenia Gravis and Lupus, I had spent two years in a wheelchair and ten years on steroids.

The weight loss started the beginning of 2014 after being told I was going to be a grandmother.

2 years later, I had lost 11 stone in weight. going from 5 foot 2 in height, 20 stone 4 lbs with 62ins waist, wearing size 30/32 clothes, right down to 9 stone 4 lbs and a waist of 35, average sized clothes 10/12.

I have been maintaining this weight for over 2 years now, where it fluctuates several pounds up, and then I take the responsibility and take control what I am putting in my mouth and increase the walking I do to keep my weight at a happy place.

Though mentally I don't like what I see that has been left behind, the flat chested loose empty sacks of skin that once were filled breasts. The loose hanging skin on my belly. I cover them well with a great bra and huge knickers, but I want to feel like a woman in her 40's once again.  Having the breast skin lifted, and the excess belly skin removed, so that I can see all the hard work that I have done to achieve and maintain the weight loss which currently hinders me from seeing this.

And this is where id love the support and financial help from good people like yourselves to complete my journey and be happy within the skin that I'm in

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