Natural Mosquito Repellents

Natural Mosquito Repellents

To supply a natural Mosquito repellent by using national distribution channels in over 10 South American countries within the next 5 years

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This product has already been founded, manufactured tried and tested world wide and given the green light in the EU with the EU import licence awarded within the last 18 months , after months of discussions this will be now be sold by a major high brands in the Uk this year.

This product is totally portable and of a natural design with no bad chemicals or poisons

This really works

 "Mosquitos may bite but they don't bite us".

How  many people do you know that have never been bitten by a Mosquito ?

 My company Mosquito-repellent Limited a UK company has been given the rights to distribute this product in South America.

We are moving fast in this direction and I am already active in BRAZIL where I have personally spent  the last 12 months.

I am seeking national distribution channels  in Brazil to promote the product.

The processes in todays BRAZIL are slightly slower than Europe but open up a huge opportunity once the door is open.

With over 300milliin people and to date I still haven't found one person who like Mosquitos or hasn't been bitten .

Our product means you simply don't get bitten.

I have recruited professionals in BRAZIL and have so far financed everything myself,  but now require assistance to enable us to accelerate the process and share the success.

I already have requested permissions to distribute the product and set up a Brazilian Limited company allowing me to import the product  and I CAN CONFIRM  that  I have a signed  5 year contract to exclusively distribute this in Brazil and in the whole of South America.

Brazil alone has  million of cases of Mosquito borne virus's and this product will contribute greatly to the middle class market who are concerned about the chemicals and poisons used in other repellants.

We have  created a small website  written in English and Portuguese  and  with the ability to move forward faster with further funding.

This product has already been tested in Thailand , Malaysia,  Australia, Brazil, Spain among others all with success.

To understand how  the product works please check the website: