Natural healing

by fioon71 in Brecon Beacons

Natural healing
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On 24th April 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporters in 28 days

Weʼre raising £500,000 to Create and build a natural health centre with residential accomadation, therapy rooms, and therapy activities.

by fioon71 in Brecon Beacons

 As a society we are so immersed with the pharmaceutical industry, popping pills for everything from headaches to chemo. Not that the chemical Medication doesn't have it's place, but we have learnt to rely on them rather than on nature. Have you ever wondered while remote tribes never get cancer? Diabetes? Auto immune disorders? It is to do with how they live, and what they consume! The second problem is greed! Those who are the sickest can't afford rest bite care, therapies, or natural health intervention! They are stuck in their enviroments, with chemically inhanced food, chemically cleaned water, chemical medication, and polluted air! There has to be another alternative! But there isn't! So:-After years of study and treating my own fibromyalgia and ME without pharmaceuticals, and helping a friend beat cancer, I want to give my knowledge and help to others. I want to create another choice for people! In an area of natural beauty, with fresh air, I want to offer tried and tested natural healing remedies, therapies, and residential breaks to those who need or want them! In today's world nothing can be done without money, to set everything up with building, materials, equipment, and a skeleton staff will take £500,000. The hope is once we are set up we will run workshops and sell natural health books and products to raise most the money needed for the running costs, so that we can offer FREE help and support to as many people as we can. This may have to involve asking those who can afford to pay for the services they want, but those who don't have available money, the majority who are living day to day deserve as much as anyone with money to have the same care, help and chances. This is what is pushing me forward, to offer FREE help and care to adults and children who have life threatening, debilitating, and life long medical issues that affect their lives. There will be no over paid directors, and any profit that is raised will go into helping others!


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