Help a start-up and the environment from just £1

by Wild Ones Adventure Dogs in Leadhills, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help a start-up and the environment from just £1
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To raise funds for an eco friendly vehicle and plant a forest of 2500 new native trees!

by Wild Ones Adventure Dogs in Leadhills, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi! We're Jon and Stef. We'd like to tell you a little bit about our company and why we're looking for investment. We won't keep you for long :-)

So, we'll start at the beginning.... 

After being made redundant in December 2018 and struggling to find work in a very rural area we decided that we needed to to take the bull by the horns and create our own employment. Over one too many mince pies, we sat down and wrote a list of the thing's we knew most about, the things we most enjoyed in life and the things we felt were missing from the local area that we could provide. After blowing the crumbs off our pads, three consistent themes emerged - dogs, nature and adventure and with that, Wild Ones Adventure Dog's was born (along with a new world record in mince pie consumption) to offer guided, enriching and stimulating hikes in Scotland's spectacular Southern Uplands....for dogs! 

'So, what are you all about' I hear you thinking...

That's a good question! Unlike traditional dog walkers, Wild Ones Adventure Dogs specialises in providing high energy breeds with 2 hour daily pack hikes at dog safe rural locations in both South Lanarkshire and Dumfrise and Galloway and Full Day Excursions, a kind of doggy day trip, for dogs of all shapes and sizes across southern Scotland to explore the great outdoors! 

Many of our family favourite dog breeds have high exercise and mental stimulation requirements but these are often underestimated by owners which can result in behavioural problems, health issues and a very unhappy dog AND owner. All too often these breeds end up in rescue centres when they become too much for their families.

Our hikes are designed to fulfil both their physical and mental needs by allowing dogs to explore and interact with the natural world around them in a social group of up to 4 dogs per hiker to keep them happy, healthy, well rounded citizens! Owners are reporting overall improvements in their's dog's health, behaviour and their ability to 'switch off' at the end of the day, allowing them to enjoy some relaxing downtime with their dog after a long day at work rather than trying to piece the chewed up sofa back together! A happy dog = a happy dog owner! 

But back to the story so far...

We've had a fabulous start thanks to the local community of dog owners in Biggar and Moffat and just 9 months after proudly taking our first dog out on a hike into the forest, we now have a busy diary filling 1 full time hiker's time, a waiting list for walk spots, a loyal customer base, a regular steady income for our family and are now looking to expand to meet our existing customer's needs and to open up hikes from a third local town but to do this we need investment.  

As a start up business we've found it hard to secure traditional funding for a reliable vehicle to transport dogs and have effectively been priced out of the market so we've had to use what we had to hand to get us up and running which has meant kitting out our 2007 Ford Focus to transport dogs in. Unfortunately the 'Woof Wagon' as she has affectionately become known is old and retiring and as I write this, is once again on her back at the mechanics being patched up so once again we find ourselves chin deep in mince pies pondering the way forward. 

Here comes the cap in hand bit...

We're looking to the community of dog owning, animal loving, nature buzzing investors out there to help us get more dogs out conquering their mountains with the purchase of a reliable second hand vehicle big enough to transport 4 dogs safely and comfortably with as low a carbon emission as possible. We think we can achieve this with £2500. In return, we'll plant one native tree from seed for every pound pledged giving you the opportunity to help create a new forest whilst also helping a start up business take that all important next big step. 

But we know it's not all about us... 

We understand that not all dogs are lucky enough to get out on daily hikes and that some are still waiting for their forever homes. 

As a sign of our gratitude for every £50 pledge, we'll also donate a bag of dog food to a  Scottish rescue centre. For every £100 pledge made we'll donate a 2hr adventure hike to a dog in a Scottish rescue centre. For every £250 pledge made we'll offer a full day excursion for a shelter dog in southern Scotland with a full set of photographs from the day helping get them noticed and for every £500 pledge made we'll sponsor a dog in your name for a whole year from The Dog's Trust. Every investor, however big or small, will have their name and / or logo added to our website as a sponsor and will receive a thank you message from us personally as well as  benefiting from that warm fuzzy feeling inside! 

If you got this far, thank you for reading our story and we hope you will consider investing in us and our venture! 

Thank you!

Jon & Stef

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