Natural Birth in Brazil

by anita_gordon in São Paulo

Natural Birth in Brazil
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My friend's hope, just like most women, is to give birth to her baby without being subjected to obstetric violence.

by anita_gordon in São Paulo

Please read this little article to understand a little better the situation in Brazil when it comes to giving birth:


"Brazil has the highest rate of Caesarean sections in the world.

Eighty-five per cent of all births in private hospitals are Caesareans, while in public hospitals the figure stands at 45%.

The World Health Organization says Caesareans should only be carried out when medically necessary. It suggests no limit, but in recent years between 10% and 15% of births has been considered an "ideal rate".

The reasons behind Brazil's staggeringly high rate of Caesareans are varied, and range from a lack of information among many pregnant women to a preference among some doctors to carry out the surgical procedure.

In July, new rules came into force across the country aimed at reducing the rate.

Advocates of natural childbirth welcomed the move but pointed to the fact that those women who wanted to give birth naturally often encountered scepticism or even outright hostility from the medical profession."

The above is the reality my friend is facing here in Brazil. Her first experience giving birth was traumatic and ended with an unnecessary cesarean. 

Now she is due to have her second baby in June!

Although there are better chances of a normal birth in the public hospitals, it is not guaranteed and unfortunately seems to be very much like a lottery. A game no woman should have to play when giving birth. 

In order to overcome this worry, she would like to be able to pay for a team specialised in natural births to assist her. But it is expensive and not within their grasp financially at the moment.

The total cost is 5000 brazilan reais.

Any support, even just 1 pound will help. 

If you are unable to contribute financially at the moment, please share with friends, family or your community.

I feel so sad that I even have to ask as this should be a given right for all women... 

Thank you 

Anita Gordon Fernandes

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