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Natural Athlete Platform for Change

Natural Athlete Platform for Change

Natural Athlete Magazine - Advert Free Magazine Promoting Clean Sport - Impacting Change in Sport

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 143 days


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A little tired of seeing not just athletes but the average person trying to improve their health and fitness falling foul to commercially incentivised fitness and nutrition gimmicks I decided I wanted to do something with a group of like minded professionals to promote a healthier, natural approach to sport, fitness training and nutrition...

And so Natural Athlete Magazine was born!

I want to use Natural Athlete Magazine to have a positive impact on the health and fitness industry and raise the profile of performance enhancing drugs, the risks and dangers to help educate developig athletes.

I also want to use Natural Athlete Magazine to fund a number of social projects to enhance the impact on sport and the community (read on for the philanthropic bit!)


Natural Athlete Magazine an ADVERT FREE,  (yes you read that right) magazine covering all Sports to promote clean sport and offer natural training and nutrition advice, inspiration and news on the latest athletes, competitions and updates in clean sport.

Our articles and information are based on science and research, and professional advice from health and industry experts will all research backed and more importantly provided by fully qualified professionals.Along with our aims and objectives we really want to contribute to the improvement of our readers athletic performance and quality of life through training and nutrition.  

You can find out more about the magazine here:


At Natural Athlete Ltd we're quite simply not all about the $'s If so we'd probably be called Supplement Weekly or Fitness Fads Daily!

I want to have a positive impact in but not limited to the following areas:

  • Fighting doping in sport

  • Access to sport

  • Education for developing athletes

  • Developing policy and anti doping frameworks

  • Supporting and provision of governing bodies and federations

  • Providing a platform for sport related charities

  • Providing a platform for athletes to promote themselves as Natural Athletes 

Natural Athlete have been using our magazine to get a headstart in working in these areas and investing heavily ourselves, you can see these projects on our website...  We however want to do more and realise we need your help!  Support us making a difference and having an impact on sport.


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