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Support an independent voice for wildlife and the environment in Wales: help 'Natur Cymru – Nature of Wales' magazine stay afloat into 2017.

We did it!

On 13th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £12,021 of £12,000 target with 109 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

We could do so much more with Natur Cymru - Nature of Wales if we had extra funds.

Here are our priorities if we exceed our original target:

Continue to produce the magazine until long term funding is secured

Market more widely - we know there are people interested in wildlife who still haven't heard of Natur Cymru - Nature of Wales. With your help we can reach them - and please spread the word wherever you can!

Develop our online shop and digital magazines 

Natur Cymru - Nature of Wales is a not-for-profit, high quality magazine showcasing the wildlife and environment of Wales. Articles are written by dedicated, enthusiastic people, both professional and amateur, who care deeply about the natural world.

The magazine is unique in Wales. It is an independent voice for nature, both land and marine. It mixes hard science with an appreciation of the aesthetic importance of nature for all of us, as shown by the beautiful artwork and photographs that it features.

By donating here you can help Natur Cymru – Nature of Wales champion biodiversity and continue to get its message out to subscribers new and old.

For the last 15 years Natur Cymru – Nature of Wales has received generous support from many members of the Wales Biodiversity Partnership, Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales (formerly Countryside Council for Wales). Sadly that funding is no longer available.

Without it, the magazine will have to close after Issue 60 (Autumn 2016).

We are trying all we can to find a long term solution to keep going beyond Issue 60, but to do this we need to keep going in the short term.

We have therefore decided to ask for donations to raise enough money to keep afloat until March 2017.

We are seeking £12,000 to fund a further 2 issues – Nos 61 (Winter 2016) and 62 (Spring 2017). This will be used to fund staff time and office costs.


You don’t have to be a subscriber to want to help (though it would help if you were!)

Current: Spring issue 58

Mid June: Summer issue 59

Mid Sept: Autumn issue 60


To find out more or to take out a subscription please visit our website:


Our readers say:

  • Natur Cymru is so important, it connects professional with professionals and connects us with the wider world. There will be nothing to replace it and conservation in Wales will be all the poorer.  I always look forward to its arrival and find much of interest in every single issue. It is special, it is Welsh and we need it.
  • The printed copies are beautifully designed and illustrated and collectable.
  • It is a wonderful magazine and many thanks.
  • I have had your booklet from the start and I have had your flyers with me at Natural History Meetings to encourage people to take it up. I think it’s a fantastic publication.
  • I find Natur Cymru most interesting and instructive … Natur Cymru is fulfilling an important role.
  • I really enjoy your magazine and look forward to each issue. I have a space dedicated to wildlife, surrounded by woods and farm land. Natur Cymru keeps me in touch with similar interests and can be helpful looking after it.
  • Diolch yn fawr am Natur Cymru - rwyf yn eu mwynhau.
  • Natur Cymru is a great little magazine, keep up the good work!
  • I thoroughly enjoy my magazine - it is a delightful and informative way of receiving wildlife and country news- long live Natur Cymru!
  • Yn hoff iawn o Natur Cymru yn ei ffurf bresennol.
  • Your magazine is the most interesting and serious out of all the other publications about the environment which I still subscribe to.
  • I am preferentially interested in keeping up to speed in biodiversity awareness/progress/ knowledge/ in Wales. The magazine arriving as it does, serves this purpose to a high degree.
  • I am proud to have supported Natur Cymru since its inception and would like to continue supporting this fine publication.
  • The high quality of the articles is a continuing pleasure, sadly lacking in many natural history magazines.
  • I enjoy and treasure my copies of Natur Cymru
  • The front cover artwork of NC is a joy
  • I like the magazine as it is - size, layout, colour, articles - all just right.
  • I like Natur Cymru because it is a cross between a journal and a magazine - as a non-scientist I can enjoy the articles at my own level.
  • I have been taking Natur Cymru since the re-start of the publication and it is excellent. I love it.
  • The quality of the magazine is really good now and the last issue was a cracker.Thank you for all your hard work in making Natur Cymru such an excellent magazine, regularly covering important work and issues, a vital grapevine for conservation in Wales.

We are:


Delcie Simkin, Chair (volunteer); former Biodiversity Policy Officer, Welsh Assembly Government.

Andrew Tuddenham; National Trust Manager, North Pembrokeshire

Dr Andy Mackie, Co-editor; Invertebrate Diversity Section Head,  Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales; Honorary Senior Lecturer, School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University;  President, International Polychaetology Association

Dr David Parker (volunteer), Co-editor; former Director of Conservation with the Countryside Council for Wales

Geoff Gibbs (volunteer), Co-editor; British Trust for Ornithology Regional Representative

Ivor Rees (volunteer), Co-editor; former lecturer in marine science at Bangor University

Mandy Marsh, Co-editor; Natural Resources Wales Natur Cymru Production Manager; involved with Natur Cymru since 2001



Daniel Jenkins-Jones; Head of Public Affairs, RSPB Cymru

James Robertson (volunteer); author, advisor, and Editor of Natur Cymru 2001-14

Julia Korn (volunteer)


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