Natuarly supporting local wildlife and ecosystem

by Oliver Generalovic in Abergavenny, Wales, United Kingdom

Natuarly supporting local wildlife and ecosystem
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I aim to purchase a small area of land suitable for a variety of wildlife. Expand the diversity of the ecosystem brings more wildlife local

by Oliver Generalovic in Abergavenny, Wales, United Kingdom

First off I would express that the money is not to solely purchase land - I have savings and loans etc. to cover this requirement.

My Team consists of myself and two others who have the same ethos that we should give back to nature as we have taken so much from it already, I have worked in psychiatric healthcare for over 6 years now which has made me think about what is important In life. Myself I have a background in IT Security so will be handling the online aspect as well as self learned skills from looking after different animals.

We also have two tradesmen (Bricklayer and Carpenter(A Very Good Carpenter) - sustainability is key for us so any material will be considered primarily for their source and sustainability.

Before outlining the vision we have I would like to state what can be considered as a prequel: I live at home with parents but in our small garden (In comparison to a field) we already have a healthy population of chickens, natural pond fish and plants (Lovely looking Lilly) 2 bee hives and dogs as well as many home gown fruit and veg.

so the plan we hope to achieve:

1 - Secure the purchase of roughly 1.8 acres as shown in product page image. I am In discussion with the local farmer on this  and believe the Gauss bush offers no  agricultural use and is in a position to just be fenced off.

2 - Once purchase  is complete We plan to remove approx. 2/3 of the gauss bush so that we can expand our project but retain the home of local wildlife.

3 - Build a basic shed that we can utilize as a "Base" of operations; the ordering of solar panels,, wind turbine, seeds, pond equipment can now be stored safely.


4. Seeds will be sown in designated planting area to sustain a suitable harvest. An existing chicken pen will be moved to the site and chickens will have free roam of the field. Seeded areas will be fenced off to prevent the chickens picking at crops.

5. Where suitable a large natural pond will be dug, lined, planted and filled - when suitable fish will be added (Orfe, Tench, Shubunkin, Sarisa comet) - No Koi Unfortunately due to birds o Prey.

6. - Sustainable energy sources will then where in budget  to provide 100% sustainable energy to the site 

( I am a wild camper so will be living on site at all times and have personal solar power)

7 - Completion - The vision in upon completion to have an established and varied local ecosystem which attracts a variety of wildlife whether by air land or water. Hopefully we can reach our 100% sustainable energy target with hard work and research. Eventually  I would Like to receive visits from troubled youngsters and suitable individuals with mental health problems in an attempt to show the perceptions of just to be happy and respectful with nature and life.

Thank you very much for reading my proposal it is greatly appreciated and I hope you feel the same ethos regarding nature as I do.

It goes without saying anyone interested is more than welcome to visit but Recommend waiting until we get the shed and kettle in place first. Haha.

Let's make 'Natuarly supporting local wildlife and ecosystem' happen