National Still Life

Project by mfischbein

A photographic elegy depicting national identity. The project is about the struggle to return and remember.

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On 5th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £760 of £750 target with 14 supporters in 28 days

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If the overfunding target is reached, this extra sum will enable me to exhibit the work in the UK.

Hi there,

My name is Monika Fischbein and I am a Hungarian image-maker, but have been living and working in the UK for almost 20 years. Currently my main focus is centred on the exploration of the ‘narrative construction’ together with its many forms. Additionally I have always had a keen interest in the identity of the creator of such narratives.

After putting forward a project proposal, I have been asked to be a part of “The Art Quarter Budapest’s International Artist-in-Residence” programme this summer. The basic premise for the project itself is my belief that there is an inherent curiosity in all peoples to seek knowledge and understanding as to where they come from. This photographic body of work will be an exploration of where the artist comes from and how this affects the work produced.

The images themselves will be a kind of psychoanalysis, triggered and influenced by nostalgic childhood memories from the homeland. With the intention being to resonate with the wider audience, through potential shared memories and the revival of National Pride. Furthermore, the project will also endeavour to focus on the development of National and International cultural awareness, together with an understanding of immigration issues and the effects of Globalisation on National identity.

“We form an understanding of who we are by reflecting on our memories. The audiences’ self-understanding and acceptance can be learnt through reading others personal narratives.” (Anniina Souminen)

Due to the nature of my proposed project it makes sense for me to return to my native homeland and although I have a little funding available, I do however need some more money in order for the project to reach its full potential.

Your donations would help towards travel, accommodation and material costs incurred during the residency, including: Building sets, printing, mounting and framing costs, also sourcing important elements for my ‘Still Lives’ constructed for the camera in the studio, as well as exhibition costs.

If you can please pledge money towards this project, then I THANK YOU, and all donators will be mentioned in the credits on my website. However, if you cannot pledge any money at this time I would still like to thank you for your consideration and interest in both my project and my photography.


Please feel free to share this page and make sure you are watching my short video in HD.


Franz Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody no 2 performed by Martha Goldstein

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