National Speed Limit

National Speed Limit

The current National Speed Limit of 70mph is based not upon the safety of road users but on the money it raises for the Treasury.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The current National Speed Limit of 70mph on Dual Carriageways or Motorways was introduced in April 1977 when it was raised from 60mph.

This limit has remained unchanged since then and the government and enforcement agencies claim that the reason for this limit is to "ensure the safety of all motorists". However those of us who spend a considerable amount of time on the roads know a different side of the story. 

As vehicles have become more advanced, brakes got infinitely better, the quality of tyres substantially higher, the recommeded guidelines for braking and stopping distances are in a huge contrast to those of vehicles in 1977. So if the concern was safety, then why have these advancements in vehicle technology not been accounted for? Why has the limit not been changed? The answer is simple. It is a financial reason. Let me give you some simple facts;

In the past 4 years, magistrates across the country have issues more that 600,000 fines to motoritsts on dual carriageways or motorways.

The treasury has pocketed over £70 million from drivers on UK motorways

Of all accidents citied as being caused by excessive speed, only 14% occur on dual carriageways or motorways

That is just scratching the surface. I intend to show exactly how unjust the speed limit is. I have raw data showing stopping distances for cars in 1977 compared to cars in 2016 and the numbers are shocking. I have statistics to show that a large portion of accidents on our motorways are caused by closures and diversions caused by roadworks which have been put in place and yet not worked upon for weeks. There will be data to show the millions of pounds lost in earnings by workers travelling the country who are under enforced 70mph limits during times of little or no traffic. I will show statistics which show that the limit set is not about safety but all about generating money as no differnces in vehicle safety or technology is taken into account. As far as the government is concerned for example, a 2016 7 series BMW has the same level of safety and technology as a 1980 Ford Escort as they are both allowed to travel at the same speed. Additionally, there are startling statictics to show that one of the causes of accidents on Motorways is the placing of speed traps in areas of variable speed limit.

We have to make a stand. We are being used to fund a system which is designed to trap motorists. The current National Speed limit has nothing to do with safety. It is purely about generating as much revenue as possible. 

We will use the funding to obtain pure data and statistics showing the differences in vehicle quality, the differences in road quality, the revenue lost due to an outdated speed limit and other subjects to enforce the idea that the National Speed Limit must be increased.

Once the data has been obtained, the legal team will use it to challenge the current speed limit and push for change.

National Speed Limit is a clear and present demonstration of the fact that Westminster is out of touch with the needs of Britain and her people. It is time to call for change. Power, real power, is and always will lie in the hands of the public and not in the hands of agencies enforcing out of date laws on its people. We must fight for change.

Join us. Lets show why Britain truly is Great