Nathan's Bike

Nathan's Bike

Hi, this is my son Nathan. His bike was stolen and he is gutted. I am looking to show him the power of human kindness and replace his bike

We did it!

On 22nd Apr 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Hi, this is my son Nathan. He is 15 and possibly one of  the most kind and careing people I know. He is also football mad and loves to cycle everywhere too. On Thursday 24th March someone decided to relieve Nathan of his bike, stealing it from where it was chained up securely, whilst he was playing football. 

Nathan had saved for over 6 months so he could buy his prized bike. These are the words he sent me after discovering his bike had been nicked:


"That was the best thing I ever had I wish I took it to the astro instead of locking it up there I hate myself so much"


These are pretty powerful words coming from such a young man and has moved me to start this funding page to hopefully show him the power of human kindness and put a smile back on his face.


We don't want to buy a fancy bike, just something Nathan can feel good riding, so any donation no matter how small would be greatly welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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