Natalie Carswell Green MP for MidDorset&NorthPoole

by Natalie Carswell 4 MDNP in Poole, England, United Kingdom

Natalie Carswell Green MP for MidDorset&NorthPoole
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Help elect Natalie Carswell as the south coast's 2nd female Green MP! Every penny raised here goes directly to Natalie's campaign :)

by Natalie Carswell 4 MDNP in Poole, England, United Kingdom

I care about people and this world. I got angry watching politics-as-usual not working. The Green Party isn’t bolting on ‘green policies’ to a failing system, We’re making green policies that instruct how our systems should work. If you have the vision to vote Green - radical change can happen. Your vote is your power to fight climate change.

Climate Change is the biggest threat facing mankind, and we need to act now to avert complete climate chaos. I pledge to make climate action the central point of my general election campaign.

Other parties and the media are focussing the debate around Brexit, however there can be no politics on a dead planet. I've passionately campaigned about climate change for many years.

Now is the time to take that message to parliament. 

I pledge to:

  • Act urgently upon the climate emergency, as there are no politics on a dead planet.
  • Support a people's vote on Brexit, with an option to remain on the ballot.
  • Defend our NHS, fight to maintain its public ownership, increase it's funding and treat mental and physical health equally.
  • Stop austerity, it has not and will never work, and has only served to increase homelessness, increase food bank use, and increase the wealth of the 1%.
  • Demand a reform to our voting system, with a fair proportional representation system, so that everyone in this country has their vote heard, and is represented in Westminster

Natalie is a passionate environmental campaigner with a desire to change politics for the good of the planet.

All of the money donated to this campaign will be spent on spreading the Green message in Mid Dorset & North Poole and across the ether in the form of a social media ad campaign. Thank you for any help you can give :)

Thank you.





Promoted by Ian Hay on behalf of Natalie Carswell (Green Party). Both at 46 Symes Rd Poole BH15 4PT

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