Comrie Micro Brews (Ales, Ciders, Meads & Wine)

by Nat 20 Brew in Comrie, Scotland, United Kingdom



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Nat 20 Brew wants to be a microbrewery with a difference, making natural beers, Ales, ciders, meads, fruit wines and historic brews.

by Nat 20 Brew in Comrie, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This stretched goal is going to allow us to fully equip the unit with water, power and gas as well as re-decorating and increasing our range of brews.

Aims and objectives

Our aim is to create a Microbrewery at Cultybraggan Camp, Comrie. 

The brewery will be as off grid as possible, producing our own power, gas & heating. 

The water will require to be connected to the main supply. This is a unique selling point (USP) since the water comes directly from the surrounding mountains, is some of the purest water in Scotland and is locally sourced. 

The vast majority of the raw ingredients to be used will also be sourced locally and all our containers, packaging and storage systems will be as green as possible. We are also planning to offer money back on bottles & kegs to reduce waste.

The Microbrewery will begin with a combination of Ales, Bitter, Ciders and Session Mead. Dependent on funding, we would hope later to begin making Fruit Wines, Mead and Malomels (Fruit Mead) and, in the longer term aim to bring back such brews as Bread Beer, Braggot, Barley Wine, Gose and Gruit. 

 Also, if funding allows we would like to offer our beers in wooden firkins (made by local coopers) to local pubs and mini wooden firkins (2.5L) to the home market as home kegs. 

Although we can prime-start the business with a relatively small amount of funding, the more we can raise then the more complete our brewing process can become, allowing us to reach a wider market with a far greater range of product. 

Short and Longer Term Goals

Basic funding of £750-£1000 will allow us to focus on initial necessary repairs and upgrading to our hut, increase our brewing facilities, purchase essential equipment and get online with e-commerce.

We would also hope to begin our first 5 brews, but this level of basic funding would not allow us to become more self-sufficient in power, water and gas.

If we can raise a further £1000, we will be able to install Green Power (Wind, Solar & Thermoelectric), Gas (Bio-digester), Water (By digging a trench and laying a water line to the Hut). Most of this work will be carried out by us and tradesmen and specialists will only be used where absolutely necessary.

A further £3850 will allow us to complete all repairs to the hut both internally and externally and develop a Workshop, Brew kitchen (Requiring a full hygiene certificate), Fermentation room, Show room (Micro Bar & Merchandise store) and a Cellar.

Finally, a further £2600 will enable us to increase the size of our brewing barrels, increase our range of Wines, Mead and Malomels and fully fit our office for online shopping as well as developing website and delivery services.



We are only offering our rewards to UK residents, apologies to anyone living out with the UK.


 Our first event will be open to investors only who will receive their invitation with their rewards. All invitations are for the investor plus one other guest, the buffet will be completely free, freshly cooked and designed to pair with our drinks, with all guests being given a complimentary drink, all other drinks will be at cost price, (unless you are a silver or gold investor where all drinks will be free on display of card). As well as a buffet and cheap bar we will be hosting a multitude of medieval themed games and activities. We will be holding further events in the future where tickets will be sold (free invitation for all silver & gold investors). 


Discount cards & Vouchers

 Our discount cards (5%, 10%, 20%) will be named and will last the rest of your life, these cards will give a permanent discount of the specified amount on all retail purchases and events.

The Discount book will contain 10 vouchers offering 10% off retail or event purchases and have no expiry date. Only one voucher may be used per purchase.


Polo Shirts

 The polo shirt reward will be a unique design only available to investors.

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