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Narcissist Support Group
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Help free me from a controlling Narcissist and help set up an online Charity to help others in the same situation

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5 years ago I met a man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with little did I know that the whole 5 years he would mentally abuse me, put me down, accuse me of cheating, spread vicious lies and rumours about me and then the final straw would turn his back on his own little girl who is now having to be counselled age 3 from being continuously rejected... I cannot put into words how badly this has all effected me but to see a little girl heartbroken is beyond comprehendable.... I am curently in mid divorce and he has not seen his lttle girl for weeks. When he is confronted about it he tells me he will not take me to court to see her and has yet to ask how she is doing... This little human was the result of IVF 2 horrific rounds of it I dont understand how anyone could do this to a child, I have had to seek counselling for her and I, I am under a domestic abuse project something I never dreamed of. 

Because there is no other way to get at me he refuses point blank to be reasonable and argues black is white through solicitors so I am endevouring my costs to be well over £10,000 to get this man out of our lives. This is the only way of hurting us is to have me with solicitor fees that will cripple me... I already work 40+hours a week and work hard to continue to give my little girl a half decent life... 


I have decided to crowdfund to help get this man out of our lives, but more importantly throughout this I have used amazing support groups on facebook which have got me through some really awful times. 


I now want to set up a charity that will help people who have been through similar things with a landing point to blog in a private group online and for links to help, funding and free legal advice. With help and links to contacts and to speak to people in a similar situation.


If you are unable to donate but offer support and help please contact me as this is not just about the funding any advice on these issues will be snatched up...




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