Naomi's Help The Homeless Appeal

by Naomi's Mission in Tranent, Scotland, United Kingdom

Naomi's Help The Homeless Appeal
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To hand out a fully stocked backpack to each homeless person providing them with a blanket, hot water bottle and toiletries etc.

by Naomi's Mission in Tranent, Scotland, United Kingdom

My name is Trudie and I am the proud mum of Naomi who is 13yrs old and has just gone into her second year of high school. She came home one day recently and said how she wanted to do something to help homeless people. She was angry and disappointed that these people wee instantly judged despite none of us knowing how they ended up in that position. It hit a nerve as I had probably been one of those judgemental people at one point or another without ever really thinking about it.

Mid clear out of one of my children's bedrooms who had three old school bags in the bottom of the wardrobe, I came up with the idea of using these to put items in to hand out. I started asking for donations of old bags, blankets and hot water bottles on a few different Facebook groups and was overwhelmed by the response and offer of support. As we want to be able to provide toiletries such as toothbrushes, soap, sanitary products I realised I alone couldn't fund these and thought a crowd funder page might help. If everyone donated £1, it would quickly mount up.

We hope to hand out these bags from mid/end of November to early December and would love to include bits we hadn't initially thought of such as gloves, woollen hat, thick socks etc. Unless anyone has ever been in the same set of circumstances, it's impossible to believe just how cold it must be in our winters outside 24/7.

Although I am setting this up on my daughters behalf, you have no idea how much any help will mean to her to be able to achieve this. 

Thand you in advance ????

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