Nanny ilott's Kitchen

Nanny ilott's Kitchen

To try to raise £6000 towards helping us furnish/refurbish a new base for our business.

We did it!

On 14th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £6,026 of £6,000 target with 112 supporters in 42 days

Project aim

To try to raise £6000 towards helping us furnish/refurbish a new base for our business.

About the project

Hello. I am Brian Taylor and together with my wife Sara we run a small catering business, called Nanny ilott’s Kitchen. We make and supply beautifully presented, delicious, affordable catering for Weddings, Funerals, Christenings, Birthdays and any other event. We are a very young business, but feel we have the potential to play an important part in our local community, by offering a service that can often be out of reach for many families. Having been inspired by my Grandmother, Elizabeth ilott, from one of her handwritten recipe books a couple of years ago, I started baking for friends and family and it grew from there. We can proudly boast that our business has a very large and loyal following, and in fact we have become friends with many of our followers. Seeing a small niche in the market we began to provide tasty, fresh food at a price that most families can afford, and have not looked back since. The support we always get from our almost 2200 followers on Facebook and from Twitter and elsewhere is constant and is very humbling. Their love and support unexpectedly helped us to win a Sunny Worthing award a few months ago, which we are extremely proud of. Our followers have inspired us to try and put something back into the community where possible, and as a result we have donated food and money to various charities over the last 18 months, particularly WKDS who help children with Downs and Autism, and Worthing Churches Homeless Project among others. We have a space at the rear of the shop that we are planning to offer to the local community for local artists, charities and other groups to benefit from. Like some other large towns, Worthing is made up of many small groups of people all with a common aim, which is working together to make their home town a better place to live. We would like to help that to become a reality, by helping our business become a place that people can gather to meet like minded people in a peaceful surrounding. The reason we need your help is that until now we have been leasing the catering unit with the grounds of Worthing Football Club, from where we made all of our buffets while also serving fast food and refreshments to the fans, but following a recent large investment from a new director, they have decided to take the catering back in house, leaving us without a base.


As a result, we have decided to move into a tea rooms/coffee bar and carry on from there. Being a new business, money is extremely tight and funding is difficult to come by, so we would be thrilled if some of you could help us to find the money we will need to move our business. We have some funding in place, but ideally need another £6,000 to help us towards furnishing our new tearooms, and to make them a meeting place for local people and other visitors to enjoy. If you can help in any way we would be eternally grateful.

Brian & Sara TaylorEDIT: Some additional information from our Facebook crowdfunder page

To make things a little clearer, here is some information about Nanny ilott’s Kitchen, and our plans for the future.

Since Nanny ilott’s Kitchen began trading about 2 years ago, we have been able to work with the local community, helping where we could with donations of food or our services. We initially worked with a youth group based in Durrington, providing a free selection of pastries for volunteers and children at the end of each session. We have worked many times with WKDS, who work tirelessly with children who have Downs Syndrome and Autism, offering food for various events at a reduced price, along with some donations of food. We have also carried out the cooking, preparation and delivery for the WKDS Christmas parties for the last two years. These parties were financed by us alongside other local small businesses who generously donated to help fund them.

We have also helped the Worthing Churches Homeless Project on many occasions with donations of free food. We have also provided lunches for Worthing Society for the Blind at a reduced price. We have helped many other charitable groups by reducing charges for our buffets or other foods when they have ordered food for charity events; groups like Camelia Botnar, Freddy Smiles Charity, The Samaritans, Your Space Your Time, Chrohns and Colitis UK and many others.

With the pressing need to relocate our business as a result of our lease not being renewed, we have decided that the best way forward for our business, is to open a tea rooms/snack bar, which will be run while still concentrating on providing buffets and other foods for Weddings Funerals BBQ's Birthdays Christenings and other events, which till now has been our main business.

Losing our lease has in one sense been a blessing in disguise, as we can now concentrate more on something that we have thoroughly enjoyed – using our business to help the community wherever possible.

Along with continuing to support our existing favourite charities, we intend to invite various community groups & small businesses to use our tea rooms for exhibiting displays about the work they do, or for holding management meetings, or as a place to bring clients for workshops, meetings or just for a cuppa and a chat! If all goes well we can offer our tearooms for soup and bread roll/hot snack meeting once a month to some of these groups.

Other than helping charitable groups, we also want to help small businesses. Again, we can have free displays of their work, or even offer their goods on a sale or return basis to our customers. This is slightly restricted as we need to stay within food hygiene rules, but I am sure we could offer help where possible.

Our help in the past has been a little less than we would have liked, but hopefully now we can turn things into something more positive, a community led tea-room!

We hope this explains more about how we intend to operate in the future

Brian & Sara

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