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Nanashi Attire is currently looking to grow interest in our brand new range of organic clothing.

by Dale Hooper in Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Dale and I am the founder of Nanashi Attire. I am currently a lone ranger in this brand but with your help, I want to be able to build the brand to get a Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer and Marketer on board.

So, a little about Nanashi Attire, after being started in October 2019 I am now in a position where I can start building a full range of sustainable clothing products. 

I looked through lots of Japanese words and meanings but nothing really jumped out for what I was wanting to show about the brand, then one day at my full-time job (at the time) it hit me square in the face, what happens behind closed doors often isn’t what people think and that’s what I wanted the brand's message to show, that behind those doors the fast fashion within the industry is contributing to the destruction of our planet.  

I thought about a way to say this in one word, which is where Nanashi appeared, Nanashi in Japanese refers to Nameless which is how businesses work behind the scenes, namelessly working away to get the brand in the limelight.

With the name fully decided, I have done a lot of research on how the fashion industry currently operates and didn’t appreciate it at all. I wanted to help reduce the number of clothes thrown away every day, I wanted to find a way to reduce the amount of water waste used daily to create the products you buy, I even believe as a brand that I can help change the way manufacturing staff are treated and paid and this will all be by supporting and running campaigns that bring light to these issues and shout about them for as many people to hear about it as humanly possible.

The brand's vision is to become world known for using sustainable, ethical, environmentally friendly materials as well as supporting the planet as much as possible through behind the scenes processes. With the garments, I am always developing the designs, materials and ways to support this, as well as showing off my love for Japanese culture and the way Japan implements sustainability and elegance in all that they do.

With your support and funding, this will help the brand improve on our visions, I will use marketing to help both showcasing the products and bring light onto the issues caused by fast fashion currently. I will also use the funds to visit manufacturers and support the workers in fair trading partnerships, along with finding ways to reduce the brand's carbon footprint.


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