Nakiwi - The Fresh and Local Food App

by Thomas lambeaux in Falmouth

We did it
On 30th March 2018 we successfully raised £4,000 with 31 supporters in 16 days

A social project raising funds to develop an innovative supply system, connecting food producers directly with consumers across Cornwall.

by Thomas lambeaux in Falmouth


We are a team of three budding student entrepreneurs, ecologists and technophiles. We joined forces about a year ago to start a social project: The Nakiwi project.

Nakiwi is a social and environmental project to promote healthier and more sustainable consumption habits. We are fed up with our corrupt mass production food supply chain, full of dangerous toxic chemicals that contaminate our soil and body, hidden by powerful lobbies. Our food travels too much before arriving in our plate (precisely 5570.90 kilometers for supermarket apples). We are also fed up by the low pay awarded to our hardworking farmers and fishermen.

In order to protect ourselves and our planet, we must replace the mass production supply chain by a healthier and more local alternative. 

Nakiwi is student start-up based in Falmouth, Cornwall. Our vision is to change our perspectives on fresh & local food. No longer will fresh, high-quality food be seen as a hassle. Through the use of our mobile phone app,  fresh & local food will be easily accessible to all and at affordable prices. 

Our GOAL - Becoming a true eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to the current food shopping methods

We are short-circuiting the unsustainable food chain, allowing you to access local and fresh food more easily and conveniently, through a simple and intuitive mobile phone app. We are doing this by developing a system connecting food producers directly with consumers, breaking the barriers to fresh and local food. 

Our Transparency policy

Through the use of geolocation, we will deliver to your doorstep great food from your local producers. Our aim is to seek food producers who care about great food and sustainable farming. Along with our products, we will clearly explain from where they come from, in order to ensure the best food traceability possible. We believe in a fair system in which producers get a fair pay and consumers get a great product.

Our business Strategy

  • Launching in September 2018 - Falmouth and Penryn
  • Establishing the service in Falmouth and Penryn
  • Once stable, expanding across the UK - the concept is scalable in a way that the app can be downloaded wherever you are, at any moment in time
  • In pararell seeking extra funding in order to facilitate this UK and overseas expansion.

How does Nakiwi work?

The concept focalises upon our use of mobile phones, in order to reach our objective in facilitating the purchase of fresh and local food. In other words, the Nakiwi app becomes a tool in making the purchase instant, hence offering consumers a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience. 

The steps:

  • Download the app
  • Select your local food products from loving local farmers
  • Get them delivered to your door the next day

Why choose Nakiwi your food shopping alternative?

By using the Nakiwi app, you are:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint ✈️
  • Supporting local producers
  • Eating tastier, more natural and fresher products
  • Discouraging toxic intensive farming practices

Pretty simple right :)

Why are we raising funds?

At this stage, we have already developed our app. Nevertheless it still requires significant improvements for us to achieve the desired goal. In parallel to the app, we are developing partnerships with local farmers to join our innovative project. We are raising funds to develop our supply chain. More precisely, your money will go towards:

  •  A food storage system in Falmouth (The HUB)
  •  A food delivery system
  • Marketing
  • App & website development and improvement
  • Extra internal costs

Below you will find a cost chart, displaying how your money will be spent across the different key business areas.

Resource allocation

                                        Resource allocation explained:

  • Marketing - A powerful launch will require an intense and complex marketing strategy in order to encourage consumers to download and use the app. A great example of our expenses is physical and digital advertising.
  • App & Website - Though we already have a first version of the app, we are still focused in making it as user-friendly as possible, using the latest technology available.
  • The HUB - This is our storage area to which farmers will be delivering their products to. We will then be dispatching the orders from the HUB directly to your doorstep. In order to lower carbon emissions, we are making sure to keep our supply chain short, having a storage area as close as possible to both our partner producers and consumers.
  • The delivery system - This is the system for delivering your order directly to your home. A large part of the budget will be dedicated to implementing this delivery system, in order to reduce the time lapse between the moment you order your products and the moment you receive them.
  • Other Costs: These costs represent out internal costs. These range for example from insurances, to our payment system costs and to operating the app.

The Team

« Hi, my name is Thomas and I would consider myself as the team entrepreneur. In my spare time I enjoy producing electronic music and eating great food! I originally started this project with Jean after realizing how unsustainable our food chain was. I believe that there is still an extremely huge barrier to fresh & local food, hence my complete dedication to this exciting project! My goal is to try and make the world a fairer and greener place, and I truly believe short circuiting the food chain is the way to go. The Nakiwi team is a great team with great people fighting for a great cause!

« Hello I’m Julian, I'm a tech enthusiast with a passion for science innovation and problem solving. Nakiwi is the perfect project for me to actually do something concrete about climate change and the way we are consuming food."

"Hi ! I am Jean, the nature lover of the project. I have always been passionate about nature. Protecting the only planet we have is my life objective. I am studying Zoology and Conservation at the University of Exeter and Nakiwi is completing my career goal to fight for a more sustainable system.  I am strongly against mass food production and I believe Nakiwi can give our food back its true value. I travel a lot thanks to my studies and I have accomplished  projects in a few countries overseas. It is England's turn now, we can also do something for climate change here!"

Our objective is to start delivering to your doorstep locally sourced products by September 2018. We are aiming to grow throughout Cornwall, and have further planned for both a UK scale and overseas expansion in the years to come!

Thank you very much for reading our crowdfunding page. Thanking all donators (big and small) in helping us launch this social and environmental project. It's heart-warming to see fellow beings as devoted to good food and climate change as we are! We hope to meet you soon. 

The Nakiwi sweatshirt for our most generous donators to the project :)     

 Facebook page

Our aim ?

"Helping local farmers and consumer

 exchange both quickly and easily 

 fresh and tasty food"

Thank you very much for the support!

For any questions, please send an email to:

Team Nakiwi


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

Big thanks from the team

We will send you a personal email to thank you for your donation! All donations are essential to us and that is why we believe there is no ‘small amount’. Every help counts :)

£5 or more

The Nakiwi monthly story

We will send you a detailed and personal update on our progress for every big step we pass, allowing you to follow the adventure and to be part of the story!

£10 or more

Your name on the Nakiwi website

For pledges of £10 or more, in addition to previous rewards, we will add your name to our website, as one of our key donators! Thank you very much!

£30 or more

The Official Nakiwi cotton shopping bag

For pledges of £30 or more, you will receive a Nakiwi shopping bag in addition to everything before!

£70 or more

The official Nakiwi Sweatshirt

For pledges of £70 or more, you will receive the Nakiwi sweatshirt! This sweatshirt is simple and attractive, reflecting the simplicity for which we are fighting for : Local food from farm to plate! This reward includes all rewards stated above, excepted the bag. If you went, don't hesitate to give an extra tenner and we'll gladly send it over, with our hand-written thank you note! ;)

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