The Street Boys of Nairobi

The Street Boys of Nairobi

A hard hitting documentary focusing on the lives of Street Boys living in the most barbaric of conditions. Seeking your support.

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The Street Boys of Nairobi.

A hard hitting, no-nonsense documentary focusing on the lives of the countless Street Boys living in the most barbaric of conditions in and around the streets of Kenya's Capital City.  With unprecedented access this project will strike right at the heart of the issue as the team walk alongside those few dedicated volunteers as they attempt to provide a sense of stability to the lives of the Boys who are abandoned to their fate by a seemingly uncaring society.

Travel to the back-streets and alleyways and sit alongside the Street-Boys as they share their stories, plights, injuries, needs and dreams.  This is not the Africa experienced by the many thousands of international tourists who transition through Nairobi on their way to their Safaris' every year; this is the very real story of the children living unseen amongst thousands of people who simply look the other way.

This documentary will invite the viewer to spend a moment walking alongside the Street Boys; listening to their story, sitting with them, simply being there and experiencing their need to survive another day.It will also focus on what it is to be a volunteer pushing against the ever-growing tide of Street Children and what it takes to harness the much needed support from within a community struggling to find their own way in life.

Support for this project is essential and the need for Crowd-Funding is a vital aspect if the objective is to be met. In order to meet this object we need funding of £25,000 which will completely fund the costs of taking a small team to Nairobi to capture the plight of the Street Boys.  Be assured there are no thrills to this project and costs will be contained and controlled; some of what is raised will be used to provide a level of support to the volunteers the Project Team will be working with.

At this point in time the expected Project costs are:

Travel, Accommodation, Food: (based on 3 Crew Members) - £5000

Vehicle Hire: £2000.

Equipment: £4000.

In-Country Licenses: £3500.

In-Country Incidental Costs: £2500.

Insurance: £3000.

Production: £5000.






In order to fund Street Boys of Nairobi we are inviting interested parties to join our team and can provide a number of rewards in order to recognise their contribution.  Please see our Reward Page for further details.  If you would like to discuss your potential contrinution in person please contact the Project Author.



Why Nairobi?

Why Not?  Nairobi is perhaps one of the busiest and crowded cities in Africa if not the world.  With a population of over 3 million it is a thriving location with a most diverse range of cultures.  However, alongside this sits massive poverty on a scale unseen by those living within the UK. 

Why Street Boys?

There is perhaps no other group of people who need help and guidance more than these Street Boys.  They have nothing and have come to expect nothing in return.  With just a small amount of support and recognition these Boys will grow to realise they are in fact capable of achieving their life objectives and so much more  

So What?

If your thoughts are "so what" then where next?  This project aims to highlight the plight of Street Boys living in the most barbaric of conditions.  If it is beyond us, as humans, to offer help and support to those in need then we, as a collective society, have failed.

Where Next?

Where next indeed.  We hope, through this domentary, to raise awareness of both the Street Boys and those who are providing support every day of the week.  If we are able to achieve our aim then we will be happy with the outcome.  One small step, as can be seen throughout history, is all it takes to start making that all important difference.

Who is on the Team?

The Project Author is Geoff O'Flanagan and he will lead the team to Nairobi along with a production crew of two; further information about Geoff and his work in Africa can be gained by reading his Bio.  Geoff has yet to recruit his team and, pending successful Crowd-Funding, their details will be added to this section.

What will my support achieve?

Great things.  Your support will create a movement; an awareness of the suffering these boys have come to accept.  It will also be the catalyst for others to sit up and take notice.  Your support will make a very real difference.

How will my money be spent?

Every penny you pledge will be spent bringing this project to life.  Costings have been provided above and accounts will be maintained and made available for inspection if required; this is an open-book project.

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about this project by contacting the Project Author, Geoff O'Flanagan.  With 12 years experience of working in Africa alongside Charities and Non-Government Organisations he is well placed to answer any questions you may have.


Thank You for taking the time to read about "The Street Boys of Nairobi".