Nailed It! Expansion plans!

Nailed It! Expansion plans!

Having set up my own business on a shoestring I want to expand and push myself and my business further and create employment for someone

We did it!

On 17th Feb 2015 we successfully raised £687 of £300 target with 25 supporters in 15 days

New stretch target

If I were able to reach my stretch target, I will be able to employ my trainee for an extra day per week, provide gas lift chairs for the manicure stations for clients comfort, get more signwriting done for the salon window and pay for some more advertising!

This project is my main focus, I have recently sold my car to help fund the business.


please, please, if you can share, pledge and share again!


Massive thanks to all my wonderful backers so far xxx

Having set up my own business on a shoestring I want to expand and push myself and my business further and create employment for someone.

i retrained at the age of forty having had terrible depression and anxiety, with the support of another local business woman I opened my own nail bar in July last year.  I did it all on a shoestring budget and it has gone very well! In my first six months I have been lucky enough to turn a small profit.


I have another room in my salon which I want to use for other treatments such as spray tanning, holistic therapies and other beauty treatments.  

To do this I need further equipment such as facial equipment, towel cabinet and more towels and products.

I strongly feel that if I can offer more treatments I will gain more clients.

I am funding my own level two beauty course and have funded a spray tanning course but money has run out to get new equipment.  I have scoured ebay for bargains and am lucky enough to be involved with Wild Women of Welshpool a local business enterprise group for women in business, one of our members underwrote the cost of decorating the room in the salon and another bought me a beauty couch.

my ultimate goal is to provide full time employment for my trainee who is currently funding her own training, she is a local mum with a young baby who has also herself struggled with depression and anxiety and I would love to be able to offer her that opportunity, she has shown me real commitment and hard work, currently I can only offer her a few hours a week paid work.

I have recently sold my horse and all my horsey items to raise money to pay for my course which was a wrench but I am passionate about making my business succeed.

please, please consider helping me, I have battled serious depression and fought my way back and showed what I can do , with a bit more equipment I know I can make my salon one of the most successful in the area. 


I would be happy to offer any backers the chance to have up to 50% or more off the price of treatments in the salon.


Please consider me, even a backing donation of a few pounds would make a huge difference.


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