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An online safe space for Middle Eastern and North African Queer community to explore and showcase their talents and make a living

by Andrew Demetry in London, England, United Kingdom

Nafs.Space plans to be the leading online hub for creative Middle Eastern and North African Queers to showcase their work and in future sell it through the website. The platform will have help increase notoriety, exposure and presence for each artist/ creative making this a destination for allies of this community.

Stemming from Egyptian roots, born and raised in Copenhagen and now living in London, the founder Andrew Demetry has worked in both the fashion and art industry in both Copenhagen and London only to constantly be discriminated against for being either gay or Arabic, and sometimes both. Never feeling safe and having to deal with homophobia and racism in the work place, it was time to take matters into their own hands. After speaking to friends that are still going through this, it made sense that a platform like this should exist. 

The Arabic culture is constantly stigmatized by society, showing us in an aggressive light. Being stigmatized by our peers and exiled by our culture for being gay; Nafs.Space is creating a community of love and acceptance pulling resources from each other to give each other the careers we want, but also the freedom to express and explore our identities.

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