NADA Acupuncture for Addiction and Trauma

by Pikey Wrongstockings in Namibia

NADA Acupuncture for Addiction and Trauma


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We are raising Money so that we can keep offering NADA Acupuncture for free to People who need it .

by Pikey Wrongstockings in Namibia

Zelda , Gift and myself have set up a Community NADA Acupuncture Project that offers free NADA Ear Acupuncture in our Community in Namibia for People who need support with Addiction and Trauma.

We offer this treatment for free and it has been welcomed by the community and every day more people are receiving this treatment to help them with substance abuse and trauma.

We are also treating the youth living on the streets with acupuncture every two days and supporting them by cooking hot meals for them.

Currently this project is growing at a rapid rate as the People are positively benefiting from it and  our aim is to empower the community by providing sustainable positive and realistic  solutions to the issues within the community.

To keep the Project going we need to raise a substantial amount of Money to keep buying the needles and sterile equipment needed and to make sure we can provide healthy food to support the youth going through their detox of substances.

The money would also be going to making sure Zelda and Gift are being paid a regular salary to compensate for their time they spend daily helping their community and thereby not able to work themselves.

We are having a positive impact and have helped various People especially the youth on the Street detox from their addiction and get off the street and equally with various People in the community.

Please help us keep our vision alive by providing this service to the community where there is a lack of support for addiction and trauma.

Our aim is also to keep training People within the community to become NADA Acupuncture Practitioners like Zelda and Gift to keep spreading this Protocol throughout Namibia to positively impact communities.

Let's make 'NADA Acupuncture for Addiction and Trauma' happen

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