MyRooh Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

by naheed akram in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

MyRooh Health, Fitness & Wellbeing


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Holistic fitness offering physical and mind relaxing services to treat the body as a whole all under one roof with a sense of community

by naheed akram in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom


Obesity and health conditions such as Diabetes are on the rise. Mental health issues are also increasingly reported. It's estimated that half of Britons will be obese by 2045 and 1 in 6 people currently experience common mental health problems.

MyRooh looks to address physical and mental health in a holistic way by providing services that help overall wellbeing all under one roof. Services in more detail:

1) Variety of dance classes as well as HITT, yoga and pilates. We want to make fitness fun and easy to include in a lifestyle. Part of this is creating a community environment where people feel comfortable rather than self conscious. 

Diverse classes are designed and updated regularly to suit the mood of the customer i.e to combat stress, a pick me up, the need for adrenaline or just pure escapism. Pregnancy and post natal classes also on offer. Customer gets an experience as well physical improvement

2) Treatment Rooms with therapies such as acupuncture, reiki, nutrition advice and massages are on offer using using products that are plant safe, organic and cruelty free

3) Work with the local community to spread health awareness through workshops,  courses e.g healthy cooking, food growing and allow use of space for local events

This combined approach to health set in an environment with a community feel is what makes us stand out from traditional gyms and spas. We firmly believe this is the key to long term sustainable health.

MyRooh will have a stripped back, friendly atmosphere where exercise is fun rather than a chore. It will make the customer feel good as soon as they walk in and want to spend time there. We want MyRooh to become the healthy social alternative to pubs and bars across the country

Initially the centre will open in Newcastle upon Tyne where the national obesity rates are higher than average, with a long term plan to roll out similar centres across the country. 

Future services include a health cafe and a small shop selling ethical products from local companies that are pure and natural: no animal testing, and the use of only organic ingredients.


MyRooh will be initially located in Newcastle with a target market of professionals, stay at home/ maternity leave mums, students looking for a new experience, dance lovers, mature people who want to keep fit and people looking for a natural method to heal the body.

With a growing population of professionals Newcastle is an ideal market. There is also a high level of travel to the area for business and leisure bringing customers that can take advantage of the flexible fitness options

Common segment types will consist of professionals who want to work out during lunch and after work and who may be stressed and in need of the relaxation therapies.

Other segments include new mums and who want to get back to peak health and clients who want to use alternative therapies in a safe environment to aid their recovery from illness. 

Social events and workshops will be held at the centre e.g healthy eating workshops, supper clubs and destressing techniques which will appeal to the community as a whole

 Women are more likely to take advantage of the services than men 


Our competitive edge comes from offering services that provide the customer with an experience in a community based atmosphere making them feel good about themselves, rather than self conscious as other more competitive gyms can do. 

We treat health as a whole rather and provide specific services for the community e.g fitness for new mums and healthy eating workshops

Each part of the centre is designed to nurture one's complete self, improve self image and in turn improve individual productivity.

Although there are a number of traditional gyms, specialist fitness studios and health spas in Newcastle that provide indirect competition, currently there's no fitness centre that offers the affordable combination of MyRooh under one roof 


Naheed Akram, the founder, and has always had a passion for holistic health. She has a diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management and is a keen follower and participator in the health and fitness industry giving here a wealth of experience.

The various subject matter contacts Naheed has built over the years in the health and fitness industry are on hand to provide niche advice as required

Naheed's full time job for over 10 years as a project manager in the banking industry has gives here a proven success rate in running large projects in budget and scale and managing teams globally

MyRooh's staffing structure will consist of a mixture of highly experienced permanent and temporary staff who will be specialists in instruction fitness and therapies.

The business will work from the outset with recommended local business support groups who can be looked to for ongoing advice and support


The plan for MyRooh's financial future is steady growth. With a combination of start-up investment from external investors and personal savings the business should have a solid cash base from which to establish itself and build name recognition.

Revenue has been calculated using a bottom up approach based on class and treatment room space, and financial data has been given for 100%, 60% and and 30% working capacity to represent best, medium and worst case scenarios

Fitness revenue uses a tiered revenue model of pay as you go and gym membership.

The model relies on providing a consistent high quality service with an eye on industry trends 

Direct costs and assets are minimal given the instructor based service, the main ongoing cost is rental and labour which is expected to stay constant on a monthly basis as capacity and client base increases


Investment is required to cover the one off initial costs such as the refurb and technology and fund premise rental and permanent for staff for the first year of trading


Start up costs will include services of a branding/marketing company to ensure the philosophy behind MyRooh is communicated in the most effective way. They should advise on the strategies including social media, website design, SEO optimisation and direct advertising.

Highly experienced self employed fitness instructors and therapists employed by MyRooh will also be expected to have a social media presence that can be tapped in to

A heavy marketing campaign in the lead up to the business opening, will  include direct advertising through newspapers and local radio

MyRooh will be promoted as a holistic fitness centre with a focus on mental and physical wellbeing and a nod to building communities. Part of our USP is that fitness on offer is an experience and fun not a chore.  Thus making it easier to embed in one's lifestyle. 

Budget gyms offer a no frills service where customer numbers are most important rather focusing on their overall health and wellbeing. Pilates and yoga are great for both physical and mental wellbeing but often these providers are expensive and aimed at the high end market.

MyRooh is a combination of both types of fitness at an affordable price. Wellbeing will be further reinforced through alternative therapy services. We believe this to be the best approach for long term sustainable health. Adding to this there is an opportunity for clients to feel part of a community. This type of centre is increasingly important in an age where diabetes, obesity and living in isolation are on the rise

The above sentiments should be conveyed as part of the marketing message.

Future plan for ongoing marketing will not only include the above methods but also networking and interaction with local community organisations Community outreach to vulnerable groups in society such as women's shelters will be organised  special days/events at the centre to help nurture women and make them more productive. This will not only help the community but also promote the business

Initial corporate discounts  for new services will also form part of the marketing plan and newsletters to keep client base up to date.



MyRooh uses a tiered revenue generating approach which will include pay as you go options and offer of a monthly subscription. This provide the customer with choice and flexibility.

In more detail, the 3 revenue generating streams:

1) Pay as you go - one off drop in classes as and when suits the customer

2) Pay as you go - Loyalty card scheme, where customers can top up in bulk and use the credit to purchase classes and therapies as and when they want them 

3) Monthly subscription - cheapest option for customers and most consistent for the business 

Revenue will be collected in advance online via the company website.

Customers retention will be tackled by providing a high quality service and building close relations with the clients and keeping them up to date on promotions and events through newsletter for example.

Atmosphere is also vital. MyRooh aims to be a place which makes customers feel good as soon as they enter the premise just by the look and feel of it. It should be a place where people want to spend time, meet friends and become a healthy social place. Building relations with the community and future plans for a cafe will facilitate this vision further.

Recruitment of experienced, knowledgable staff is key in providing a quality service hence higher than average wages/rates will be offered. Permanent staff will also be offered performance related financial incentives to help build up the business

Let's make 'MyRooh Health, Fitness & Wellbeing' happen