Myo Suite ImmersIve Tech

Myo Suite ImmersIve Tech

To raise money for patenting, and upscaling of manufacturing. To ensure high standards are met. This is Immersive technology, relax mind

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We all have dreams, and we all need help to back each other. No one man, or woman,  is an island to themselves.

Please note that all Pledges are not taken from your card. So if the project is successful, your card will only be charged in September 2017. If for any reason I dont meet the target, your card will not be charged.... So I hope you enjoy the idea... as it is great for Bio med services. 

Whats it all about, you ask?...

Imagine you have had a long tiring day. Youve been to the gym first thing in the morning, youve been busy meeting deadlines, and beeing in meetings all day long. Your body is aching from your gym or sports workout, plus you're mind is stressed out from the day. You want to switch off from the outside world - with no human interaction...

Here we have the solution. The "MyO Suite Immersion" Technology. This is a werable suit, that has functions of warmth, and cooling, as well as vibration. It is to create an enviroment through digital creativity to take you out of your normal surroundings in your home, or at an event. You will be immersed into a 3d world (working on holograms), of places like - floating in the universe, laying in a forest, with a running stream whist birds gently singing their lullabies to you. The warmed areas, which you program with the locators on the suits to warm the body areas wanted, and cooling for any inflammed areas. Also a pulsing of vibrations and warm and cool going around your body.  This can also be great for arthiritis conditions, or injuries.

I'm raising funds to help with patent costs, as well as manufacturing and upscaling costs.

Please donate and in return get sponsorship marketing for free, for all rewards, excluding the sports massage at home. So providing a minimal service for you, and not so techy.

We can help promote your business too, on our website, if you would like, in return for sponsorship.

As VIP stakeholders, you will be included in all discussions if you have the time.

  • Free Membership of Royalty Immersive 1 person.
  • Download one environment of your choice to play at home.

Events are possible too:

We will come to your event, with suits as well as an immersive environment, to ease the mind too. Different backgrounds such as floating in space, in an Avatar forest. To ease muscle pain and, create a whole new reality for you. have a treatment, great to help muscle soreness. This is a group of 100 people - this costs £10k for an event.

I look forward to being able to employ people too, thanks to your generosity for say the £20 - the £2000.  It's all amazing!