My Journey. My Book. My Career. Your Help.

My Journey. My Book. My Career. Your Help.

I'd like to travel around the world, visiting people from all walks of life; I want to write a book asking people important life questions.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am a very passionate traveller and learner of people! I am fascinated by everyones different choices and the difference/similarities between us all! 
I enjoy finding out what is most and least important to indivuals on this planet!

This brings me on to my quest! I would like to travel to near enough every country with a companion to ask different questions to people from all walks of life. Maybe we will be asking a homeless man in San Fran why he is homeless and maybe an incredible story will emerge. Or we could be talking to a rich businessman from Japan about happiness and if he has found it...? Potentially we could find out if a prisoner in a Russian Jail is truly sorry for their sins and if they have any regrets. 
The different questions to different people in this world are endless. And they will all be wrote down in my book with photos, ready to publish as soon as we come home! A book that will be interesting, heart warming, emotional, shocking and hopefully full of guidance. 

Please help me have the time of my life travelling.....create a book which people can enjoy.....Start my writing/exploring career.

Funds raised will go to Travel Costs, Accomodation, Food and helping a few people in need which I will find along my way. 

Thanks for your time and help.