My Imagination - Developing minds of the future

by Kate Broughton in Woking, England, United Kingdom


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For children to discover their inner Superpowers and master the power of their mind. This Superpower journey starts in the Imagination.

by Kate Broughton in Woking, England, United Kingdom

My name is Kate, I am the workshop creator and founder of My Imagination.  I started My Imagination workshops based on the scientific theory that positive thoughts + positive feelings will give you positive results.  The power of positive thinking has been supported in medical journals and was recognised by Plato, the Greek philosopher as far back as 391BC.  So I decided to investigate this theory for myself through a series of activities and science experiments and was amazed with what I found.

To pass on my findings, I created a series of workshops called Super Power workshops. 

The Super Power Workshops are designed to help children to discover their own inner super powers of Self-belief, Positive thinking, Positive feelings, Confidence, Mindfulness, Resilience, Gratitude, Smiling, Relationships and many more... while exposing the secret undercover villain agents that sneak in and hide in our mind. These villains make us feel bad about ourselves and encourage us to feel negative emotions.  Our mission is to expose these villains and take away their power, and at the same time, build up our own Superpowers. We do this with the help of a group of specialised Superhero's. 

These workshops are available online and include Maggie and the Superhero's adventures (for 4-9yrs) and Super Power Workshops (for 10yrs+) 

Each workshops includes instructional videos, worksheets to complete that help to build the minds powers against the undercover villains, activities to do, craft activities with instructional video, science experiments where children discover their inner scientist, and a guided visualisation in the form of an audio track.

Maggie and the Superhero's adventures also includes a movement to music section for children to move along with. 

The workshops are ideal for parents to use with their children at home, for teachers, nurseries, child minders, the home schooling community and for older children to complete independently, all building up the powers of their mind.   

By giving children an emotional education and the tools to cope in difficult situations will help them deal with life's many ups and downs and ensure they lead happy, successful lives and reach for their dreams.

The funds raised will go towards developing these workshops further, developing them for children with special needs and the deaf community, updating the website and promoting.  The future plan is to develop an app where progress, science experiment activities and results can be recorded plus many other functions.


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