My Colouring Box Monthly Subscription Box

My Colouring Box Monthly Subscription Box

Every month a new mystery box of Adult Colouring supplies will be delivered to subscribers. Inspiring relaxation & colouring for all.

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Crayons at the ready - colouring books are not just for kids, you know…

Colouring in may well be something you remember fondly from your childhood – or indeed something your own children enjoy now.  With mindfulness the buzz word of the moment, colouring in is an easy way to calm the mind and occupy the hands. Concentrating this way replaces negative thoughts and creates a state of peace, and many people who have a difficult time with concentrative meditation can find this easier. This gentle activity where you choose the colours to create your picture and the repetitive action of colouring it in focuses the brain on the present, blocking out any intrusive thoughts.

About the project

With an over imaginative mind I am forever looking for ways to be creative and relax at the same time, so when in 2013 when Adult Colouring became popular I quickly learnt that sitting down and shutting off  with an Adult Colouring Book was the perfect way to switch off and relax.

Since a little child I've always loved picking up a colouring book and escaping to another world. I get such a rush when I see a new colouring book or a new set of pens and pencils, I just cant wait to pick it up and get home and start colouring.

You can never have enough things to colour in or to colour with and this is the reason I wanted to start My Colouring Box. Providing a monthly box of Colouring Books, pens, pencils and any other cool things to colour in, helping inspire that flow of creativity and relaxation. My Colouring Box subscribers should open their box of colouring supplies every month and feel that need to colour away.

How does it work?

If you're not familiar with subscription boxes then you might be wondering how this all works. It's fairly simple. In the begining you can pledge for one of the rewards we have an offer ranging from:

1 Month Subscription Box

3 Month Subscription Box

6 Month Subscription Box

12 Month Subscription Box

Your box and its colouring contents will then be carefully put together and sent out.You will continue to receive your boxes  for the amount of time you have purchased, we will then send you details about how you can join our subscription service. So if you like what you receive and join our subscription service you then don't need to do anything and you will continue to be billed monthly and receive a box every month with a new selection of colouring goodies.

If you decide you no longer want to use the service you can cancel your subscription at any time (no contracts, no fees) and you will no longer be sent the box.

Whats in the My Colouring Box?

Now to the exciting part what can you expect to receive in each and every one of our boxes!

Premium Adult Colouring Book

Each month you'll get a carefully selected Adult Colouring Book, each box is themed so the books will reflect what theme we have for that month. Keep an eye out on our Social Media pages for what the next months theme will be.  Each and every one of the colouring books is fantastic quality and tested by myself (of course I have to test them out and have a colour myself).

My Colouring Box Challenges

Who doesn't like a challenge and something else to colour? We love a challenge and we want you to join in too! New box, new challenge. Each month we will send you a seperate Colouring Challenge, My Colouring Box wants you to get creative and relaxed, using the challenge and supplies we send you we want to see how you turn this blank canvas into something amazing and colourful (we love colour!)

Then share the results with us so we can show your work to the rest of the subscribers. Just use #mycolouringbox when sharing your creation and we will be able to find it.

Colouring Supplies

Along with the great colouring book and the challenge we will send you each month a selection of great colouring in essentials, whether these be pens or pencils we think you will love them.

Extra Treats

If that's not enough, there will be an extra little treat in every box, maybe something edible, another great little colouring in task, weird or just frickin' cool. Whatever it is, you will love it or it wouldn't be in your box.

Our Guarantee

The Colouring Goodies sent are guaranteed to be higher value than the price of the box meaning every month you get more colouring for your money! Each month the boxes will contain a different collection of colouring supplies.


The Hero- (£5)

Your £5 will mean you get enterted into our competition to win a hamper of Colouring Supplies, something we think every hero should have! For every 10 people that enter we will give away one of the hampers. Your name will also be placed on our Wall of Fame on our office wall for all of our heros who helped make our idea happen.

The Subscription Box - One Month (£15)

This reward entitles you to your first box of Adult Colouring Goodies. Each box will contain one colouring book and selection of pens or pencils as well as other treats and inspirations, all for £15. We guarantee that the contents of the box will always be less than the price of the goodies inside (RRP). 

The Subscription Box - Three Months (£40) save £5!

This reward entitles you to three months Adult Colouring Goodies. For three months you will receive our fantastic boxes full of goodies. This option means you will save £5.

The Subscription Box - Six Months (£80) save £10!

This reward entitles you to six months Adult Colouring Goodies. For six months you will receive our fantastic boxes full of goodies. This option means you will save £10.

The Subscription Box - Twelve Months (£150) save £30!

This reward entitles you to twelve months Adult Colouring Goodies. For twelve months you will receive our fantastic boxes full of goodies. This option means you will save £30.


How much will the following boxes cost? Every month the box will be the same price, £15. Look out for our offers though as we will be doing some deals.

Do you ship worldwide? Yes of course, we are based in the UK but want boxes to be available to everyone. Just select the subscription box reward and you will be able to pay the additional postage charge once the project has been fully funded. We will email you if you require extra postage.

Will there be a delivery charge? No, delivery within UK is FREE! All international subscribers will be charged an additional fee of £5 to cover shipping costs.

What will be in the first box? Its a surprise! Part of the excitement of My Colouring Box is that you never know what going to arrive. All I can say is that we make sure each box is filled with things we know you'll love.

How many items wil be in each box? Thats a good question, we aim to have at least 1 adult colouring book, some colouring supplies, the My Colouring Box Challenge and an extra goodie in each box but depending on the cost of the items there maybe slightly more or slightly less. But we do guarantee that each month we make sure the contents of the box is worth more that the price you pay for the box.

When will I get my first box? As soon as the project is funded we will start to put together the boxes and hope to get them posted within a few weeks.

What happens after I select my reward? Once we have reached the goal date, you will receive an email with the date of the first box, depending on what reward you choose you will recieve it for aslong as the package duration you have chosen. Dont worry if you buy one box and want another head to our website to order another.

Can I buy a subscription for someone as a gift? What a generous person you are. Yes, we will ship to what ever address you give us, email us to let us know its a gift and we will make sure they know its from you.

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