My Virtual Cookbook

My Virtual Cookbook

For as long as I can remember I have just loved cooking, Please help me by making "My Virtual Cookbook" a reality.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 For as long as I can remember I have just loved baking, I strongly believe that everyone is good at something and that something for me is baking. I love to cook and please people and see people enjoy my food. I get so much enjoyment from seeing someone smile because of something tasty that I have created. I believe food is good for the soul, the tastier and more eye pleasing the better. I get even more of a buzz when I see someone's face after I have made them a cake. 

I have overcome a lot in the last 2 years and been given a new lease of life, this has opened my eyes into a more possitive way of thinking and made me want to do something creative with my life.

 I have previously made cakes for family and friends, which they have loved and cooked my own recipes for them which they have also raved about. I now want to explore this business idea, but by taking this even further by creating My Virtual Cookbook. I have the experience, the recipes and the passion to make this work, along with the graphic design experience and digital skills that my brother/business partner will be providing, however what we do not have is the funds to get this off the ground.

My virtual cookbook will be a recipe book that is bought in store/online, every recipe will have a link to a video on a channel, so you can watch each recipe visually.  

I am so excited about the possibility of being able to work with something I am so passionate about but also to be proud of something that I created, so please any amount you can spare would be amazing along with knowing that you helped make my virtual cookbook become a reality.