My unaffordable debts are causing suicidal thought

by Dee La in London, England, United Kingdom

My unaffordable debts are causing suicidal thought
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Hi Guys, I'm pleading with anyone who is able to help me I've been struck with bailiff fines £421 & £860 that are completely unafford...

by Dee La in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi Guys, 
I'm pleading with anyone who is able to help me I've been struck with bailiff fines £421 & £860 that are completely unaffordable to me and I risk losing my car, belongings and what's left of my sanity if I do not pay up. My proposed payment plans are not being accepted as they are too low, the £421 debt is already with the bailiff and he is expected to be visiting any time from tomorrow, the £800+ one I am still trying to come to an arrangement, it's difficult because I am currently unemployed and barely getting by, it's such a huge shame that this is the situation I have found myself in, I just wish I could have prepared myself for a moment like this. I am genuinely asking for help if you can, I'm feeling severely depressed and anxious every day and night when thinking about the amount of debt I'm in with seemingly no way out. I lost my job at the start of the pandemic and hardly had savings, everything has been so unexpected, I know most of us are all going through it with what is going on and I'm sorry if this offends anyone or comes across as me wallowing in self-pity, but I really feel hopeless and I hate not feeling financially sufficient. I have been receiving £383 per month and with all my bills, loan and other debts that I am having to pay it's just not enough... I just feel suicidal right now, I don't even remember how it felt to be earning a steady income. Honestly, if you are able to help even just a little or would like to know more details, please let me know. Even if all you can give is a prayer, please do, I am so desperate for peace and sanity right now. 

Thank you.

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