My Turkish Box

My Turkish Box

My Turkish Box is a subscription service that delivers Turkish snacks and confectionery products (biscuits, crackers and chocolates)

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello! My name is Ersah and I'm the founder of My Turkish Box idea. I am a Turkish entrepreneur who has been living in the UK for 6 years.

My Turkish Box is a subscription service that delivers Turkish snacks and confectionery products (biscuits, crackers and chocolates). 

Would you like to read the story?

My wife and I love eating snacks! I mean it is love and passion for us! We love to dip our Turkish biscuit into real Turkish tea every night after dinner! (Please try it! It will even work with non-Turkish tea!). In one day I brought some Turkish snacks and biscuits to the office of one of my friends. His assistant is a Polish lady, she tried them and loved. One week later one of my British friends visited us at home and he tried them, he loved! Some months later we had some guests from USA via couchsurfing. They tried Turkish confectioneries, they loved them and asked where the hell Turkey is! (Well It is between Europe and Asia my friend!)

There has been a lightening in my brain! (Do you remember yellow bulbs in cartoons?). I thought that I have to spread the word about Turkish snacks. British people know about Turkish food. I mean if you speak with someone in London and ask for a good Turkish restaurant. 8 out of ten would show you a place. We Turkish people are like michelin chefs of London. But even they don`t know much about our snacks. My brain has been working since then. 

I was working for another project and saw an article about subscription boxes. I said `Yes`! That was the time that I found the idea! This would be the best way to start showing people how Turkish snacks and confectionery products are great!

I am sure you believe me but let`s hear from people on Youtube!

Well I don`t mind to make an advertisement for another box brand. A proper Turkish gentleman chooses all products in our company. All items are tested by 2 Turkish food lover :)

People from every other country has a different taste I accept that. But I couldn`t stop myself to start a subscription box business when I have following products in my mind! (Actually in my drawers)

The above images are an example of what a My Turkish Box may contain, the items will be different each month! 

  • My Turkish Box can be delivered anywhere in the world, making the best Turkish confectionery and snacks available to everyone. There are thousands of Turkish products in the market. I`ll be honest with you we possibly have tried %80 of them! So you are in safe hands! We know which one is good!
  • Each month we will put together a box filled with a different selection of the great Turkish snacks and send them straight to you.
  • We pack our boxes from the UK. Don`t worry! We have lots of contacts who imports Turkish goods to the UK!
  • You will get small tips about Turkey in every box. (E.g. Turkish people do not wear fez (The traditional red hat with tassel) or Turkish people do not ride camels!).

My Turkish Box is available in three sizes

Ufaklik Box (Small)  will feature at least 4 different products. It might be more than four but not less than that!

Ortanca Box (Medium) will feature at least 7 different products. It might be more than seven but not less than that!

Kocaman Box (Large) will feature at least 12 different products. It might be more than twelve but not less than that!

Please note that style of the box can be different than the box in the picture.

How It Works?

1.           Choose a subscription and box size. We have one, three or six month subscriptions available, and three boxes to choose from.

2.           Relax while we choose great products for you. (I will start with my own favourites!)  

3.           We send the box direct to your door!

4.           Receive your My Turkish Box, and munch your way through all the Turkish snacky goodness.

Our website is set to launch early May according to interest on Crowdfunder!


  • It will be a perfect marketing research for us! Your decision is really important for us. That`s why our target is not a huge amount!
  • We will build our website.
  • There is a big online marketplace for subscription box products in US. We will build an online shop on their system.
  • We will be dealing with wholesalers to be able to send more products than promised in your boxes!


We would like to create other type of boxes full of Turkish made products if we succeeded on this project. Products in the box might be souvenir, textile, jewelry. All will be in Turkish style. 


Thank you very much for your time! I would be over the moon if you could spread the word by sharing the project on your social media accounts.