My Teacher's a Super Hero sample run

My Teacher's a Super Hero sample run

To gather pre-orders for the sample run of my children's picture book 'My Teacher's a Super Hero.'

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 'My Teacher's a Super Hero'  is a picture book aimed at primary school aged children. It is not only supposed to entertain but promote positive relationships between teachers and their pupils. 

I have had a meeting with Mr Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar Publications. Mr Russell has said they will produce a sample run of my book based on a minimum of 100 pre-orders. The pre-orders are required to generate revenue to finance illustration and editing costs. If the sample run is successful and I receive positive feedback on the finished book, Candy Jar Publications have assured me they will put a full run (around 5000 copies) into print. 

I have gathered pre-orders from family and friends, I have recently started to offer the opportunity to pre-order to parents and carers of the schools I work with. I am now interested in promoting my book beyond individuals based in my local area by advertising the chance to pre-order on this national platform. 

If you support my project with a contribution of £10 or more you will receive  a copy of my debut book 'My Teacher's a Super Hero.' In addition, your name or a name of a friend or loved one specified by you, will be included on a 'thank you' page bound in the book. To view exerts of my manuscript visit my Twitter profile @kieran84writing. 

I hope you can recognise this as an excellent opportunity to be involved in the publishing process and children's litrature at a grass roots level.