My son's stolen bike replacement

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My son's stolen bike replacement
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My son's bike was stolen from the school bike shed which was left unlocked. We are trying to replace it after the school refused.

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My 13 year old son only bought his bike last October with £400 of his own money, he used it every day to get to school, go out with his friends and to do his paper round 6 mornings a week. One day in June he took it to school and we got a call to say it had been stolen with 3 other bikes, we were shocked and heart broken for him. The school bike shed is usually locked but due to the Year 11 exams they had been opening them at other times of the day to allow the kids to come and go. No parents or students were alerted to this so they didn't know to bring in their own indiviual locks. The school only sent out an email about it after the bikes had been stolen. My friend had found the bikes on a selling site by the next morning. My friend and I went through a lot of effort to do all the research we could, cctv at the local train station etc and the police had all the information they needed but as we didn't have the serial number from the frame they wouldnt do anything about it, they did go round to the address that was on the selling site but it was a false address. Our next step was to try and get the school to compensate as we knew an insurance claim would be rejected but they wouldnt. We just want our son to have the same bike again, the one he worked so hard to pay for. He didn't deserve this.

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