A night attack that changed my son's life

by Mrs Sheila Welford in Isle Of Arran, Scotland, United Kingdom

A night attack that changed my son's life


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https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/digital-ear-bite-devil-halloween-14587607. He was a student of Northumbria university .

by Mrs Sheila Welford in Isle Of Arran, Scotland, United Kingdom

I am just a normal mum. No one in this world knows the future and we all tend to be happy with lots of good expectations when getting married and having a family of our own, so was I in my first marriage. I grew up in a large family, dad was very strict and we were all brought up to love everyone as that will mean loving God. I was wrong because my first husband took that loyalty as weakness and practically made me a slave. A slave to receive a good beating even by saying hello to my neighbours, and sadly my two children were forced to watch him in this acts. The terrible act that left an everlasting marks of horror and fear on them.

Getting married again in 2011 was scary but  good choice as I am very happy once again, kept working as hard as ever and saved enough to bring my son over to the UK to study, I knew he was struggling mentally but I thought that with time he will be fine. I encouraged him to seek help with the school team but as usual, there was no personal support for non-British students, everyone is handled just the same, so he tried socialising , go to the pubs sometimes, start making friends, and I was glad, then on that fateful night, his life changed all over again. He became a shadow of himself, scared of going out, not wanting to keep being alive. It broke my heart. With the love and support of friends and families, he got help and lots of support.

Thankfully today, he is attending all mental health therapies, stop smoking sections in our local area, and he is a lot calmer. The only thing remain now is to get his ear repaired, and here we are . He was not giving any compensation because he was told, that he refused to attend the hearings..... Joke. Its easier said than done, 'He was a scarred and scared young man, and so was I' I was so scared and I did not want him out of my sight, scared he was not going to come back alive if ever he attend any hearing in Newcastle.   Please help us raise this money to repair his ear back. This will restore his confidence, his self-esteem and save my son's life.  

Thanks very much in advance.

Sheila Welford (Mrs)

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