My Sanctury

Living with Autism in the community

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My name is louise, I started this Crowdfunder page for my community and what we as a family experiance on a daily basis.

My brother Richard who has Autism, here is our story:

Richard is a 28year old man who lives in Glasgow, Scotland,  he has Autism with limited verbal communication and requires full support 24 hours a day.  He is a fun, caring and good natured person. Although he has Autism he still thinks he's a young lad and can like anything from pre-school to teen. His routine is vitally important to him as this gives him security to cope with day to day activities,  this can also lead him into difficult or dangerous situations.  Since leaving mainstream school he has found this transition very difficult losing vital skills he gained whilist at school.   Richard experiances severe sensory overload, he also struggles with being part of a group or group activities . Due to how severe his Autism is we need to plan every outing down to exact route we take avoiding major shops that sell dvd's, toys and games.  This is becoming very difficult.

The difficulties:

Within Glasgow we are surrounded with numerous supermarkets, shopping centres, many entertainment complex's and town centres.   A person who has Autism can be overwhelmed with sensory overload which can contribute to stress, anxiety and pain.

There is no-where within our community that caters for people with sensory issues, or adults with learning disabilities who need a place to go to relax without spending so much money .  My brother is a adult but he also likes soft play areas, toys and pre -school dvds.  He gets denied going into a soft play area because of his age, he loves going to the park and you notice people tend to walk away when he approaches them but he is trying to make a friend. He is telling us via Makaton sign language that he is lonley. We cant go food shopping because  the shops are overloading there shelf's with the latest dvd's, games and toys and even when you get to the till its sensory overload again - cant win! He has no understanding of money so we have to avoid areas where it can lead to him buying everything in sight.

My Aim:

I hope to target young adults who have left school and open a re-creational adventure area within my community that would help many families who are suffering like we are.  A place to be themselves and relax.  We will also look at different therapies and learning opportunities.  Parents can meet other parents in the same situation.  I also plan to have a soft play area, ball pit, tactile discs area, sensory rooms,  games room ,cafe and dining area.

This will be a lenghtly process and your pledge will help

secure a venue, transport, legal costs, advertising, equipment, security.

I will keep you updated with  video and photo's of our journey and show you were your money is going.