My People's Party

My People's Party

A brand new TV reality show following people who are given the challenge to organise a party for someone else.

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Project aim

A brand new TV reality show following people who are given the challenge to organise a party for someone else.

About the project

This is a new reality TV show following a group of people who each have the task of organising a party for someone who is of a completely culture and social background, e.g. a young urban boy from Brixton organising a party for a 40 yr old Asian man.  The organiser will have to research into the person's background to get necessary resources and contacts in order to make it a perfect party. 

Each party will be scored by the person who the party is for. There will be a cash prize to the most successful party organiser as they will be competing with other participants in the show. 

The participants of the show will gain a great deal of knowledge about other people's cultures via their research and resources which in turn will bring about a sense of appreciation for other people's background. 

This project is a great social interactive experiment to inform, educate and entertain a wide variety of TV audiences.

All funding and support will be hugely appreciated to help get this project to a fantastic start. The show will be sold to TV broadcasters as there is a high demand for reality TV shows from networks such as Channel 4, who are very interested in shows with high entertainment value. I have also introduced the idea of the show to the BBC who expressed a great interest and was keen to broadcast it.

We already have a number of people who have applied to take part in the show (which is growing by the day) and a camera crew with over 5 years expertise in docu-style filming and editing. The funding required will help with expenses for organising the parties i.e. finding the right venue, caterers, decorations, invitations, sound equipment etc. We have invested over £3,000 into this project so far and the additional funding required will get the ball rolling as everything else is in place and ready for action. 

My People's Party is a unique reality show which will stand out from the rest. This show will introduce a fresh, innovative and entertaining viewing experience for a wide variety of TV audiences. A great deal of people, when asked if they would watch this show?, have all said they would love to see this show on their TV.  We are looking for people who are willing to give us financial support to invest in our mission to inspire and innovate TV audiences around the world.  Any amount pledged will be deeply appreciated as we are grateful for any support we get.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely

My People's Party Ltd




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