Moira Lazarus - Let's Make An Album!

by Moira Lazarus in London, England, United Kingdom

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am raising funds to record an album and I would be very grateful for your help to make this happen.

by Moira Lazarus in London, England, United Kingdom

About Moira Lazarus 

I am an independent solo musician, raising money to enable me make a well produced album with a band.  

Some of you will  be familiar with the digital  recordings I have released so far,  mostly recorded at home using a 4-track recorder.  Whilst I am glad to have recorded and shared my music with an audience in this way, my vision for the songs has always been more than an acoustic solo effort.  I feel they need to be played with a band and recorded in a studio with a really good producer.  And then, of course, shared with as many people as possible. 

 I have had radio play and some great reviews in the past,  and I recently re- committed to my musical path in the most tangible way, by becoming officially self-employed as a musician.  Any other work I do now complements or supports my music in some way.   

This feels like the absolutely authentic way for me to be living - but it does mean that funds are limited.


The Project

I feel it is time to move things forward.  I would like to  create the album I have always wanted to release - on CD as well as in digital form - without compromising on quality.  (Vinyl would be wonderful too - but I think that's a later project!)  I also want the means for distribution and promotion to be available so that a  wider audience can be reached.  In order to bring this about a lump sum of money is needed.

I am very excited about achieving this goal and I think it can happen with the backing of a music-loving community. I have some great musicians lined up to work with and a good idea of the producer I need - the only thing holding me back is funding.  It would be wonderful to remove that barrier.  

 Your money will go towards  paying the musicians and producer, recording time in the studio, mixing and engineering, mastering, artwork and pressing of cds, distribution and promotion.

The ultimate goal is to produce an album of 10 or 11 tracks,  achieve radio play and recognition in the main music blogs and music press.  However if the amount raised falls short of the target I will adapt accordingly and record a mini-album/E.P which will be promoted in the same way.  

By donating, you will be taking part in the creation of a piece of musical work that I will be putting my heart and soul into, to ensure the best possible result.  The album will be promoted to aim squarely at radio play and recognition, in order to reach the wider audience I feel the songs deserve.  The songs I write are for the world to hear - would you like to help that to happen?

Please take a look at the "Let's Make an Album" video above,  and thank you so much for you interest and support.  It is hugely appreciated.

Let's make 'Moira Lazarus - Let's Make An Album!' happen