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My Natural Freedom

Permanently Style, Nourish and Fragrance your hair with 'My Natural Freedom' The Revolutionary Hair Method of the 21st century.

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My Struggle

I have worn my hair in dreadlocks for over 20 years and have constantly searched and experimented with different ways to treat and style my hair.

As a niche market, dreadlocks wearers struggle to find products to facilitate our hair. 

Activities requiring the use of a helmet or headwear such as riding a bike or taking a swim can be a nightmare and as a fashion accessory, the range of hats suitable for us is thin off the ground.

Over the years, I have had to personally develope most things I’ve needed for my hair. I’ve made my own curlers, shower cap and have tried multiple techniques to achieve curls. 

In a bid to manage and style our hair, black woman have been prepared to use products that are potentially damaging to their health.

For years the dangers of hair relaxers (straighteners) have been documented throughout the media.  Many black women have caused irreparable damage to their hair as a result of using these products.

I have now found a way to keep my hair naturally healthy and stylish without the arduous hair care regime I’ve had to deal with for years.

I have been wearing My Natural Freedom for 8 months now and still get complimented daily.I would now like to share my discovery. It would be selfish of me not to do so.

My Innovation

My Natural Freedom is a revolutionary method of working with dreadlocks. My Natural Freedom is unisex

I am developing a variety of natural organic cords that provide support, whilst nourishing and adding fragrance to the dreadlock from root to tip. 

When applied, the cord is not visible.

By manipulating the cord, you are able to curl and sculpt each dreadlock creating a style that will remain as long as the cord remains, even after washing. The curling phase is optional as most male wearers of dreadlocks wear their dreadlocks straight.

On a daily basis whilst the cord remains, it continues to support, nourish, fragrance, sculpt and style.

My Natural freedom doesn’t require extensive equipment, or a specialised environment and all products used are Natural.

Once complete, My Natural freedom is extremely low maintenance. 5 minutes and your hair is good to go day after day.

Benefits of My Natural Freedom


As the dreadlock increases in length, it can become heavy and put pressure on the root.  Most individuals with dreadlocks will confirm the ‘thinning’ of the hair toward the scalp as the hair grows.

The cord will help this as it allows you to reduce the length of the lock without having to cut it therefore reducing the ‘pull’ and heaviness.


Afro hair flourishes when well moisturised and nourished. The cord is made up of essential oils and  will continue to moisturise and nourish the hair daily.


Because afro hair requires a degree of moisture to flourish, it is more commonplace for dreadlock wearers to wash their hair weekly or fortnightly. Some will leave it for longer periods than this.

The Natural oils used to form the cord will add daily fragrance to the hair allowing the hair to continue to exude a fragrant aroma day after day.  After washing, the fragrance remains.


Styling is predominately targeted at the woman.  Styling dreadlocks can be quite a process and it can take days to set your hair to achieve the style you’re aiming for.

By manipulating the cord, you are able to sculpt the hair into fantastic curls and waves.  The style you create will remain as long as the cord remains in place.

We estimate 6- 12 months before repeating the process.

My Objective

Natural Freedom will greatly reduce the amount an individual will need to spend on hair products as well as impact the time and current hair maintenance regimes they have.

The process will have to be carried out by trained stylists.The My Natural Freedom method will be licensed to hair salons. The materials used to perform the service are custom made and will only be available to salons.

My Natural Freedom is targeted at a niche market but it is a market that continues to grow. There is currently a resurgence of black woman deciding to wear their hair natural. The ‘Natural Hair Movement’ is receiving a lot of attention through social media as black woman are on the lookout for that next thing that will allow them to wear their hair naturally and beautifully.

My Natural Freedom is good for the environment too as users reduce the amount of chemicals, aerosols and pollutants they currently use to manage and maintain their hair.

All hair types locks will be able to take advantage of My Natural Freedom.

(even Justin Bieber!

Current sales of hair care products for black hair exceed 2 billion globally with estimated sales of over £1.9 billion in the US alone. (

The black hair business is huge, however provisions for dreadlocks are few.

Support from Voom will help with the development of the a range of cords used.Support from Voom will help establish global awareness of My Natural Freedom.

There is no comparative product for any demographic and because of its uniqueness, there are no competitors in this field.

Like every woman I feel great when my hair looks great!
Josephine St Marthe

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