My MS Wellness Journey

by MS Wellness Project in Sutton, England, United Kingdom

My MS Wellness Journey


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To have my stem cells ’cleaned out’ through technology combined under the eye of Dr Simonetti in Turin. The treatment takes months.

by MS Wellness Project in Sutton, England, United Kingdom

I have been a writer all my career, but have become more physically disabled (walking & bending) in the past three years: I have good days and bad days, and believe 'illness really is a state of mind'.

I've tried so many more holistic routes than pure medicine - I do believe the mind governs the health of our body - when I'm stronger & happier, I'm more positive & I walk better. If I feel down or cross or sad and at a loss, I can't cope, limp and experience severe pains. But it's expensive trialing treatments and few of us can afford to try to heal naturally. I am documenting my findings and plan to share my story and want to trial Ozone Therapy in Turin by Dr Vincenzo Simonetti and also a colleague in Atlanta, US, which takes three months. In my experience already - sugar causes flare-ups, acupuncture, acupressure, TuiNa massage and reflexology help. The dear NHS even taught me a meditative technique called Autogenic Training. There is so much to share that is effective & sincere & can help others. Turin is riskier - but I have faith in myself that I can beat this disease & encourage others. There are now over 100 autoimmune disorders recognised!

Let's make 'My MS Wellness Journey' happen