My super special guitar has been nicked

by Rosie Holloway in London, England, United Kingdom

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To try and raise back some of the money to be able to get me another guitar... it was my absolute baby and a dazzler on stage. My solace

by Rosie Holloway in London, England, United Kingdom

Whilst moving house, I borrowed my mums car to get things from my temporary accommodation into my new home. 

Somebody smashed the back window in & has stolen my most prized possession, a very special guitar that was gifted to me by my publishing label.

I will not be able to afford anything like that again in the foreseeable future and it has broken my heart, and come at a very crucial time in my life and career.

I am about to record my first music video and subsequently release my first single and then I will be gigging and that guitar was half of my performance.

But as this point I won’t have anything to gig with.

Friends have suggested to me I set up a crowdfunder to help me towards a new guitar.

I have obviously learnt my bloody lesson as well, don’t take your eye off the ball guys!!

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