My Mate’s DISGUSTEN Carpets

by Lucas Ripley in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

My Mate’s DISGUSTEN Carpets
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Ridding the globe of DISGUSTEN carpets one property at a time!

by Lucas Ripley in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

A frugal friend has recently landed on the property ladder and is embarking on a property renovation! The problem is, he’s a bit slow (in all senses of the word) and is tackling a room at a time. This in is itself is perfectly fine for all but one thing, his DISGUSTEN and dare I say it offensive carpets! If like me you begin to lose sleep over the horrendous mid match of carpets around my friends home please feel free to put your hand in your pockets and give generously. Together we can rid this home of its repulsive flooring and continue on a house by house basis until the world is a 60’s brown patterned carpet free place! Then our work will be done. Thank you for your shared concern. 

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