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My name is Yasmin Smith and I am 14 years old. In 2016 I had a brainwave, I decided that I wanted to raise money to buy Christmas presents f...

by Yasmin Smith in Tarporley, England, United Kingdom

My name is Yasmin Smith and I am 14 years old. In 2016 I had a brainwave, I decided that I wanted to raise money to buy Christmas presents for less fortunate children in Barbados. I took the idea to three of my friends at school and they thought it was an awesome idea and wanted to get involved, together with our parents (mums), we set out every weekend from October baking cookies, cupcakes, and brownies and selling them at our school, in front of the local supermarket and at the mall. The response from the community was overwhelming and we raised far more money than we had anticipated. We decided that we would not just buy Christmas presents but also buy food hampers for the families. 

We contacted the Barbados Childcare Board and with the help of the Deputy Director Mrs. Denise Nurse, 10 families in the parish of St George were allocated to us. From early December we started purchasing the food and presents and the week before Christmas we created Santa's workshop and the elves were away for 3 days, stuffing stockings, wrapping presents, and filling food and toiletry hampers. We personally delivered the hampers with Mrs. Nurse on the 19th of December. 

The years following we did the same things and gradually increased the numbers and by December 2019 we were up to fourteen families including fifty-four children.

Over the last couple of years, there was only one of the original three of my friends still involved in Make a Change due to relocation.  Which brings me here...

Over the last four years, we have gotten to know the families and with my mum and my friend's mums, even helping a then 17-year-old girl find a job and a safe place to live. The families, especially the children, have come to look forward to expecting us to show up the week before Christmas. 

My family and I have recently relocated to the Uk and my dad told me about this Crowdfunding website. I would like to, if I can and if it is possible, provide the food hampers and presents for the same 14 families, so I thought that I would put it out there to see if anyone would like to help me raise the money for the families.

I can purchase the food online through shops in Barbados and my friends can purchase the presents from in Barbados. They will once again, with The Barbados Child Care Board, deliver it to the families. 

I am appealing to anyone who can help us to please do so. No matter how small, every little helps. 

Here is a link to our Facebook page for you to see what we have done in the past. 

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