My MA Tuition Fees - Urgent Help Needed

My MA Tuition Fees - Urgent Help Needed

My MA funding has fallen through AFTER starting my course, I have to give it up unless I pay £3300 by September, BU demanding £366 a month!

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 I am currently undertaking an MA in Scriptwriting for Film and Television and am three months into the course. This course means the world to me; I have been writing since I was a very small child and have always aspired to have a career writing in the television industry. After applying for Bournemouth University, I was accepted and awarded a £2,000 scholarship off my tuition fees. So far in the last semester I have already seen one of my short film scripts come to life as a student film, and another film script and radio script are about to be produced this semester, which is incredibly exciting.

My studies were originally going to be fully funded by a local charity, and another trust. The charity funded my first semester installment of £2,000 However, after I started my course, the other trust had a further meeting regarding my tuition and decided that due to the fact that I was an MA student rather than a BA student, they were no longer going to fund me. This made no sense to me, as undergraduates already recieve much better funding than post graduates. It is also incredibly stressful, as I had already started my course and been suddenly thrown into this situation just as I'm starting my big Masters Project.

I spoke to the finance department at the university and they are unable to help me. They have given me a deadline of the 1st September 2016 to pay my tuition fees of £3,300 or I cannot graduate. They expect me to pay them £366 a MONTH, which is obscenely high. I have put so much hard work into this course already and this is really upsetting me as I know that I cannot afford this amount of money on my part time, minimum wage job. BU are completely inflexible regarding this matter and I feel under a lot of pressure to the point that I'm having problems sleeping. I have tried applying for student loans, but due to financial difficulties experienced two years ago, my credit rating is not good enough. All of the bursaries and charity grants which I came across were not applicable to me or were only open to students starting next year.

I don't know what to do. This course is everything to me. I really need help as I can't raise this amount on my own in such a short time span. :(

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