My Job

My Job

An opportunity to be a part of a disruptive technology business that has the potential to be worth £100's of millions within 2 years!

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Imagine if you had the opportunity to be a part of Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat or Twitter from the start? We at My Job are giving you that exact opportunity.

My Job provides a solution that will use technology to simplify an existing process and disrupt the employment industry. This will change how people employ and how people get apply for new jobs forever!

 My Job is a ‘Hybrid’ digital solution that will save businesses at least 80% on recruitment fees, save hours of time in the hiring process and completely eliminate the middle man and advertising costs. Every application an employer receives will be relevant for their role and screened to their hiring requirements via pre recorded video interviews on My Job board. Every jobseeker approached will be via a real time social media campaign. 

This new innovative technology will give every jobseeker a simple, more efficient solution when applying for a new job. Job seekers can do this by applying via My Job board and rather than only sending a CV they will also be able to take employers initial pre –recoded video interviews via computer, smart phone and tablet whilst getting real time notifications on the application and new jobs that fit their profile.


Intended impact

Recruitment in the UK and Europe is a target driven industry and research shows that this industry does not have a good reputation. Because of these facts and findings, it is evident that there is a massive gap in the market for change and for something new that will have a huge disruption on the employment industry as a whole. 


My job will give every business an opportunity to hire effectively whilst not having to download any software. My Job will completely eliminate any job advertising costs, any unwanted calls and save business a huge amount of time and money.

Key values to My Job

- There is currently no other business model like My Job in the World right now.

- My Job’s technology employment solution will be sure to disrupt the digital market both in the UK and Internationally.

- We are creating a solution to an existing problem that will save any business large or small hours of time and influential amounts of money in their hiring process.

- We will provide a new ‘real time’ 'fast track' process for jobseekers.

- We will be the ‘go to’ business that connects job seekers and employers directly giving each a personal engagement before they have even met.

Target market

Our business strategy and target markets will be mainly be the high volume service industries with a salary band from minimum wage to circa £30k. The service industry in Briton now accounts for 80% of the economy.

These sectors consist of: Hotels, Airlines, Retail, Food, Warehouse, Call Centre’s, Hospitality, Insurance, Banking, Transport and Education.

Foreign Communities living in the U.K - Our business will create a solution that will take discrimination out of the hiring process which unfortunately is an issue across the recruitment industry. We will give foreign candidates who feel the need to ‘white label’ their CV a chance to showcase their talent via our fast track process.

International job seeking - We are creating an effective solution for candidates applying for a job out of their own country. We will give international job seekers the opportunity to apply and take employers interviews from different countries. We will give these applicants an opportunity to save money on travel and make each application more ‘worth while’.

Unemployed claiming Jobseekers allowance - Our business will create a government angle.

Claiming JSA is a big issue in the U.K The unemployed claiming JSA do not have to do an awful lot to be able to claim these monies. Our business aims to implicate Ipad’s throughout the U.K’s job centers that will ensure that jobseekers claiming such allowances apply for relevant jobs effectively whilst upskilling their interview experience.

University, college and school leavers - Our App and web platform will give each candidate a chance not only to apply for their next career move but it will also allow them to enhance their chances of success through an incredibly simple ‘real time’ option that will undoubtedly make them to stand out from the crowd.

Characteristics of target market

Industry analysis:

- £31.5 billion total value of the UK Recruitment industry.

- £2.5 billion in permanent recruitment.

- £634,000 people found new permanent jobs through agencies.

- 9,500 agencies and rising.

- Over 90,000 staff working for recruitment agencies.

With the numbers above it is clear to see that recruitment is still a huge industry and according to the Recruit and Employment Confederation is only continuing to rise. The opportunity and room for growth for My Job is immense, disrupting the trend in which technology is aligning itself with the world and introducing My Job into the employment industry means that we can be at the

very forefront of this emerging market.

Office for national statistics shows that:

- 31.81 million people currently work in the UK.

- 80 percent of this is the service industry.

- 1.56 million people unemployed and actively seeking work.

UK unemployment rate held at an almost 12 year low of 4.7 percent in the three months to February 2017, in line with market expectations. The employment rate stood at an all-time high of 74.6 percent as the number of people in work rose by 39 thousand.

On these characteristics the opportunity and room for growth for My Job is immense.

Marketing strategy

My Job will use a new resourcing method that will following the digital revolution. We will do this through various social media platforms and we will be working closely with Social Marketing companies, who challenge convention and consistently push boundaries.

 With almost 2.5 billion people around the globe using social media, we believe that we can achieve immense results through the capitalisation of this.

Engaging audiences with powerful messages across the world, Social Marketing strategies influence over British social media is remarkable. Social Marketing can start a trend and direct the conversations of thousands of social media users with remarkable ease. Their use of influencer marketing sees major companies having great success with effective brand promotion. Creating emotive content that inspires and resonates will be key for our business. This strategy takes challenges, questions and worries,  knowledge, skills and community to create solutions which deliver remarkable results.

To make jobseekers across the country aware of our service we will be using this social marketing strategy. With an extensive reach of over 305,000,000 people through over 400 communities, this presents us with the ability to obtain intuitive campaigns that go beyond engagement.

Through in depth analysis and research My Job will be creating innovative marketing campaigns which target our key audience to help get people downloading our app and visiting our web platform.

Our marketing and PR partners will help to make our vision a reality and ensure My Job are at the forefront, creating an exciting and contemporary marketing projects. Powerful and effective branding for our hybrid employment solution can only come from the best and that's why we choose these partners. The creative development of our strategically sound ideas will in turn build a memorable and engaging campaign which will achieve real results.