My homeless prevention help page

My homeless prevention help page

To raise the final £200 needed to avoid being homeless following the loss of our current home.

We did it!

On 14th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £70 with 2 supporters in 3 days

As many of you know if you have seen my recent posts, we have been suddenly asked to vacate our current home after moving in only 8 weeks ago and have been trying to find somewhere else to live. Finding a home which takes dogs has been a real problem, but we have managed to find a house with a wonderful landlady who accepts the doggies which will enable us to get out of where we are now. I am very concerned if we do not make this move we will be in a position where we may seriously be made homeless.  Tomorrow I have to sign the contract and we are currently £200 short of what we need. If anyone can spare anything i would be forever grateful - having spent over £1000 just on fees and refs etc this crowdfund is my last ditch attempt to secure a place to live, so, please help if you are able.  I could never have imagined being in such a horrible position so thank you  to everyone who has already helped and thanks to crowdfunding supporters!

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