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by StephanieF in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

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I am looking for funding to start my trauma informed 16-18 years supported semi-independent placement for children that are looked after.

by StephanieF in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

I have been a qualified Social Worker for many years working in different areas within Children Services but have spent the last 8 years in the Youth Justice Service. Within this service I have worked in court and the community supervising young people between the ages of 10-18 on out of court disposals and court orders. I was fortunate enough to gain extensive training in attachment and trauma informed practice, which has been key of gaining a better understanding of young people, to be able to create joint up effective relationships based work and plans to help them to be safe, regulated, relate so they are able to develop and achieve positive future outcomes. Working holistically with the young people, service and families have been able to help support young people to keep safe, heard, valued and great opportunities away from offending to help them achieve their full potential. Although I have enjoyed this role, I felt I desire to progress on my career goal of setting up a semi independent placement for 16-18 years for children in the care system. I want to be able to work more intensively to support these young people who are complex due to their past experience of abuse and neglect, to create a safe space where they can develop key skills for independence with support to help them achieve and improve positive future outcomes. Unfortunately there has been a growing need for more of these types of placements and many not having the skills to be able to effectively work with these young people, where there has been sad statistic of higher risk of these young people experiencing homelessness, substance misuse, mental health difficulties, being exploited or being come involved in the criminal justice system as an adult. I believe this is a crucial time in these young peoples lives, and want to be able to positive affect change to give these young people the best opportunity to heal and achieve their full potential in life. 

The money will be used to rent a 5-6 bedroom property long term, which will need to be adapted to be safe, furnished, business equipment and services for setting up the service, along with wages for well experienced staff and good levels of training for them, as I want to invest in good staff who are knowledgeable and are happy and want to commit to the young people and company long term, as relationships are key in delivering the support these young people to help them to achieve key independence skills, life skills, access to opportunities and education training and employment. I want to empower the young people and staff to develop, achieve, be happy and safe, so would be grateful if you could help me to achive my goal with my company My Future Matters Ltd.


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